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Boyfriend Kisser is the eighteenth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in The EX-Files, primarily by Courtney of Team Amazon, with her teammate Heather as backup, and a spoken line by Sierra. It is about the feelings of anger and betrayal Courtney is experiencing after learning that her former friend, Gwen, betrayed her, and ex-boyfriend broke her heart by cheating on her with Gwen.


Courtney: Boyfriend kisser!
I thought she was my friend,
But now it's time to diss her!
Sure we had some fun times,
But I'm not gonna miss her now!
Heather: Boyfriend kisser!
Courtney: You're gonna get
What's coming to you
If it's the last thing
I ever do-oo-oo!
Heather: That's right!
That's right!
Courtney and Heather: That's right!
That's right!
Courtney: Let's go a little back!
We captured Duncan in a sack.
Heather: And had a laugh attack
When you stretched me on the rack!
Courtney: All those times you made me smile,
You wanted my man
All the while!
Sierra: Duh! It was so obvious.
Courtney and Heather: Boyfriend kisser!
Courtney: You're not my new sister!
You're a pus-y, gothy, nasty blister! Oh!
Heather: Boyfriend kisser!
Courtney and Heather: You're gonna get what's coming to you!
Courtney: If it's the last thing I ever do-oo-oo!



  • This song is only sung by Courtney and Heather, making this the third non-Aftermath song to have less than three singers. The others are Oh My Izzy and Greek Mix. Interestingly, all of these songs are about relationships.
  • Both singers have a major conflict with Gwen.
  • Gwen, Cody, and Sierra do not sing, however they are not eliminated.



  • At certain points of the song, Courtney and Heather are seen wearing military-style peaked caps. They are also seen in a military base with several blueprints, a reference to the fact that they are currently in the government-protected Area 51.

Sierra's head flashes red.


  • Sierra's head (including her hair) flashes red for a split second when she turns to see Gwen running away with Duncan.
  • In the downloadable version, two of the "That's right!" are cut out.


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