Boney Island is an island located across Lake Wawanakwa from Camp Wawanakwa. A notable feature on the island is a massive cliff in the shape of a human skull. It is the home to the woolly beavers and Stymphalian Canadian geese. This island is known to hold species that are extinct in other parts of the world, due to its remote location. The fact that it is considered creepy and supposedly haunted also ensures that nobody goes there to disturb these creatures. It is first introduced as a major part of the canoe challenge in Up the Creek.

Total Drama Island

According to Chris, if you take anything from the island, "you would be cursed forever." However, Beth does not hear this warning because she is using the bathroom at the time he says this and takes a tiki idol from the island that she found in a bush. This causes a supposed curse on the Screaming Gophers with a losing streak that spans over the course of three episodes. Ultimately, her choice to take something off the island influences her team's decision to make Beth the next target of her team. When she is finally eliminated, the curse seems to disappear and the team's winning streak continues. After finding out about the curse and before being eliminated, Beth promises to return the tiki idol to Boney Island.

Boney cave

The Cave of Treacherous Terror, located on Boney Island.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, it is revealed that Beth did not return the idol as she previously said she would, but instead broke it into three pieces and flushed it down the septic tank, which the campers are disgusted by. The final six campers are tasked to collect the idol and toss the pieces into the Cave of Treacherous Terror. When the campers reach the cave on the island, some of the campers face problems relating to the creatures that reside on the island. In the cave, Owen is scared away by a spider and drags Heather along with him. Leshawna and Duncan are chased off by a pack of woolly beavers that show up in the cave. Geoff and Gwen end up tossing the doll into the cave, resulting in their win for that part of the challenge.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Boney Island makes its first appearance since Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon in Runaway Model, where the ten new campers (one of them as an intern) have to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa. During this episode, it is also revealed that Chris is turning the island into his own private resort, which explains the scaffolding that Sasquatchanakwa and Lindsay are on top of. However, most of the construction workers of the project are dead, presumably due to the wildlife of the island.

Total Drama All-Stars

Boney Island plays a more significant role in the fifth season, as one member from the winning team is exiled to the island for a night. Despite having to fend for themselves against wild animals, as well as the campers struggling to find food, the exile does have one upside: a McLean-Brand Chris Head hidden somewhere on the island. Once the campers reach the merge, exile duty is appointed twice more before being removed entirely as of Sundae Muddy Sundae. Lightning holds the distinction of being the first competitor to go on exile, while Gwen is the first female as well as the last overall.

Fun Zone

The Fun Zone is a closed off area of Boney Island which serves to isolate the mutated flora and fauna from the previous season. Surrounding it is large trees with a stone entrance and metal sliding door. Nothing can travel in or out of the Fun Zone without someone authorized opening it. The Fun Zone is the location of the challenge in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition. It is revealed later in the episode to be the hiding place for the aforementioned McLean-Brand Chris Head. As seen in the exclusive clip of Zeek And Ye Shall Find, this is now the home of Ezekiel, who lives in harmony with his fellow mutants.