• WreakerOfClash

    First of all, I may list characters that were, "disconfirmed", but NO ONE is disconfirmed. Brian Froud released too much info, and got fired, so no one can really so anything about the show. On the topic of Brian Froud, he was obviously working on the show with either Harold or Sam, so they will either A: Drop whichever character he was working on early, or B: Hire a new voice actor and make him go far. That being said, let me begin.

    There are many requested characters, and these are who I think will be interesting to see again.

    Cody, if you don't know, is my all-time favorite character from any TV show or movie of all-time. I loved his interactions with Heather, Sierra, Courtney, Harold, Owen, and, my favorite, Gwen. Cody is so relatable fo…

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  • TheDipDap1234

    Yes, this will be season 6 not season season 7 or 8. All Stars and Pahkitew were both considered as season 5 of the show, and RR is a different series, so this will be season 6. Wanted to clear this up before someone says i'm wrong.

    We already know that some season 1 characters will compete in the new season. For many seasons these characters wore the exact same outfits, and i've seen some people complain about this. It personally never annoyed me that much, but I can't lie, I wouldn't mind seeing some characters in different outfits. It would be really refreshing to see the characters wear different clothes in some episodes. I think Lindsay is the only one who changed her outfit for one episode, but that's it. I know it's easier to animate…

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  • Sway-Sway

    Hello! Welcome to my post where I will explaining why I think these following contestants will never return to Total Drama ever again. This is NOT official, so don't take it as they are never gonna return, I can't predict the future (though I wish I could) but instead of making this intro so long, why don't we start the list off.

    Number 1: Ezekiel

    The reason why I don't think Ezekiel will ever return is because of the golem crap they did. I do believe it wasn't necessary to do this, and I think they did it so they can just throw Ezekiel out and make him non-existent, maybe because they think there's nothing they can really do with his character. There's nothing special about him anyways and there would be no point to ever bring him back. The …

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  • Pikadavid14

    I'm back with another alternate version of a season of Total Drama. This time its Total Drama All-Stars. After reading Flagator24's blog about how Total Drama All-Stars could've been a great season, I started thinking about what would happen if the season had taken place after Pahkitew Island and had 26 episodes and 24 contestants, 8 from each generation. Also, credit to ArtDraw12 for the format used in this blog. Here are the contestants and the teams:

    • 1st Generation: Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Owen, and Sierra
    • 2nd Generation: Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Scott , and Zoey
    • 3rd Generation: Amy, Dave, Jasmine, Max, Sammy, Shawn, Sky, and Sugar

    • Heroic Hamsters:​ Brick, Cameron, Courtney, Jasmine, Lindsay…

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  • SC Heerenveen

    This is a fan fiction I wrote. I have written two parts and I'll post the next part after I see how this one works out. I've used the couples from season 1. Gwent, Duncney, Geofgette, Tyler and Lindsay, LeShawna and Harold, Heather and Alejandro and Sierra and Cody. Also Ezekiel isn't feral. Please enjoy and tell me if you want to see more in the comments. Thank you.

    Episode 1(introduction) Chris is on the docks at camp Wawanakwa, excited until a boat arrives.

    Chris: They're here already? I thought we still had a few minutes?

    Billy the intern tells him that there was an accident and that they're here. Chris pushes him into the water and starts smiling at the camera.

    Chris: Season 6 folks! We've asked our twenty four original campers to return …

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  • PuppyTwister007

    Welcome to a new thing!!! So basically I will have a 20 people cast of people from Total Drama. You must vote for a person in the comments to be eliminated, every day the person with the most votes will be eliminated. Once the season is over I will start a new season with a different set of people, some people from the first season could be in the next season though.

    1. You can only vote once per day for someone to be eliminated.

    2. Do not make a sockpuppet account to vote for someone.

    3. If there is a tie, the person who got there votes first will be eliminated.

    Please vote one out!!!

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  • Glenn31

    So some of you might remember last year when I did an Elimination Game with the Total Drama contestants. I said I was going to do an RR sequel, but the Elimination Game craze took off and by the time I was ready to do it, everyone was sick of them. So now, I think the craze has died down and people may find this blog interesting. Welcome to the Ridonculous Race Elimination Game!

    The game is simple. For the next few weeks, all 36 Ridonculous Race contestants will battle it out to determine who is the wiki's favorite. To play, all you have to do is vote for the one contestant you want to eliminate. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes will be eliminated. This keeps going until only one is left standing. I'll try my best to up…

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  • AltertheSilverBird

    Link to the previous parts...

    CHAPTER 1 & 2:






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  • TDFanatic52

    Today's Eliminated Guests

    GEOFF: Is everybody happy now?
    LINDSAY: My ears keeps on bleeping.
    BRICK: I've heard worse.
    GEOFF: Okay. Think that wraps things up?
    BRODY: Totally.
    GEOFF: Sweet. Tune in next time where the next three rejects come to us live as we do the next aftermath show of Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

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  • KarpToEndAllKarps

    OCs please

    August 16, 2017 by KarpToEndAllKarps

    I need 16 OCs. You'll need to give me their names, their stats (seen below) and a short overview of what kind of person they are.

    There are 3 stats: Intelligence, Athleticism, and Likability. These stats are measured from 1 to 10 and added all up must be 15 or less. (ie 5 Intelligence 5 Athleticism 6 Likability wouldn't be allowed because they add up to 16)

    The overview should give personality traits, motivation for entering a contest like Total Drama, and a possible strategy for entering a contest like Total Drama.

    Karp, Male.

    Intelligence: 8

    Athleticism: 3

    Likability: 4

    Karp does his best to be kind, but can often come off as cynical. He doesn't tend to make that many friends: in fact, he joined this competition to meet more people. His plan is…

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