• Don25

    I do not want Courtney to win a final, I do not see it as necessary for her.

    What Courtney really needs is a "victory" like the one that had Jasmine, the one that had Carrie, the one that had Emma, ​​the one that had Jen, that had Stephanie, even the one that had Josee.

    That Courtney learns from her mistakes, improving and maturing, within your personality and characteristics and achieve a loved one, to accept her with her virtues and defects, to be at her side, to support her and balance her in the good, bad and especially in the worst moments.

    That's what I want for Courtney.

    What is your opinion?

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  • Kalle48

    Gwen's Love Life

    October 20, 2017 by Kalle48

    Okay, there are fans who love Gwen x Trent relationship while there are those who support Gwen x Duncan relationship. In TDAS, Gwen broke up with Duncan, so she's currently single. Some fans hope that Gwen and Trent get back together now that Gwen is single.

    I admit, I was a fan of the Gwent couple and I was disappointed when they broke up in TDA. However, unlike some fans, I got over it; I've accepted that their romance is over. I'm fine with them just being on friendly terms despite everything that happened between them.

    Personally, I believe that it would be best if Gwen stay single for awhile. Gwen has been through so much drama throughout the series. Almost everything that happened to her was most often due to her love life. She got hat…

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  • Epic~00

    So having just recently finished TDAS through a series rewatch I've been doing, one episode in particular that had interested me was Sundae Muddy Sundae. In said episode it turns out that Courtney's decided to plan to cut all ties with Gwen and Scott nearing the finale, planning to get rid of Gwen in the Final 3 and planning out that Scott would go easy on her if they were the last 2 left. For a large number of people, (which can be proven here) this was seen as some kind of terrible step with Courtney, that she was on some kind of route to becoming a more consistently nicer and selfless person only for this episode to suddenly stop that dead in its tracks, revert her right back to her domineering and pushy self who'd crush anyone to get …

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    The episode opens with the aftermath intro featuring Laszlo,Finn,Jamie,Silena, and most recent boot Sean.

    (The regular intro plays)

    Announcer:"Comming at you live right from TD studios in The Abandon Film lot it's Total Drama Aftermath "

    (Cut to the crowd clapping)

    Announcer:"Now welcome your tow new hosts Alejandro and Heather!"

    Alejandro: "Hello people of the world I am Alejandro finalist of Total Drama World Tour and contestant of Total Drama All Stars"

    Heather: "And I am Heather contestant on Total Drama Island,Action, and All Stars and was a finalist of Total Drama World tour"

    Blaineley: "I am…"

    Alejandro pushes Blaineley off the stage

    Heather:"This season has been an exiting one right Alejandro "

    Alejandro: "Yep I have seen very good moves fro…

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  • AD744

    Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm AD744, and this week we're going to look at The Quiet Brainiac, Scarlett.

    Scarlett debuts among the the cast in So, Uh This Is My Team?. She can easily be described as very quiet and smart person. She rarely interacts with the team ;however she does tend to interact with Max the most in her team. Eventually she got annoyed by Max’s stupidity and creates a plan to eliminate him. After an unsuccessful attempt in eliminating him he gets switched to the other team , Waneyihtam Mas…

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  • MrQuest17

    Yo Questers, Quest back again with this week's installment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, this time focusing on the evil genius; Scarlett. As usual I'll do sections based upon season, with 2 for Scarlett; being a TDPI one and a General section.

    • Q1-During the opening episode; So, Uh This Is My Team? how does Scarlett try to make a suggestion for her team's game-plan?.
    • Q2-As revealed in A Blast from the Past, what had she secretly known about Samey, unbeknownst to Jasmine and Samey?.
    • Q3- What was she called by Max throughout the season, that annoyed her?.
    • Q4- During her meltdown in Scarlett Fever, where does Scarlett initially send the rest of her fellow campmates, during their search for the Island control room?
    • Q5-In Mo Monkey Mo Problems,…

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  • Don25

    Gwen is worse than a villain

    October 18, 2017 by Don25

    Gwen is not a villain, to be a villain, she would have to be aware of her actions, she would have to have a villain values ​​and ideals, she lacks such things.

    For example.

    In TDWT in episode 13, when Gwen has a burn, no one cares except Courtney, who prepares medicinal ointment (with excrement, Courtney would not do that for someone she did not appreciate) to cure the burn, even Courtney appreciates her so much that she admits that would want to take it to the grand finale.

    Gwen betrayed that possible friendship, for Duncan who kissed her, while damaging the hand of the burn, which Courtney wanted to cure, Gwen preferred that, and did not apologize, nor regret or anything, All Stars just wanted the friendship of Courtney, Without admitting t…

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  • Flagator24

    Number 23 of how well do you know Total Drama. Sorry the previous one was so short.

    1. How does Sugar spell gone when she eliminates Ella?

    2. What season does Courtney not compete on the'inferior' team?

    3.Bridgette getting her tongue stuck to a pole in TDWT and Heather getting stuck to a pole in a TDAS bonus clip is a reference to what movie?

    4.In That's off the chain who had training wheels on their bike?

    5. In that's off the chain who were the contestants that had engines on their bikes?

    6.In not so happy campers part 2/ the not so great doors part 2 what was Courtney 's excuse for not jumping?

    7. In the race through Central Park in TDWT who were the contestants in the baby carriages?

    8. In ROTI who did Scott frame for stealing the items of the …

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  • SmarticleParticles


    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Talent, the remaining contestants opened their fortune cookies, leading them to an eventful scavenger hunt! Some such as Lindsay and Jenny completed their challenge in a matter of minutes while others such as Jen and Johnson, had to take the long way. Alejandro convinced Fatima and Chuck to form the first ever alliance this season in the attempt to vote out James, only to be faced with a non-elimination round… ahem ahem… I wonder why… In the end, Cleo, James, and Jenny switched teams some for the better, while others for the worse. Who will be getting the boot this time on Total… Drama… Talent!

    *Theme Song*

    It’s about midnight. Siri climbs out of her bunk in the Porcupine cabin to use the bathroom.

    Siri: *yaw…

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  • Attackin

    Hello and welcome to a new blog where I’ll be talking about which contestants I think could return and become a finalist.

    5 Leshawna

    Now that Geoff has become a finalist Leshawna is the only one of the final six from TDI that hasn’t become a finalist she is also one of the most popular contestants from the original casts and people have been wanting her to make a big return after the less than great WT Leshawna

    4 Scott

    After All-stars Scott has become the only one from RI final 4 that hasn’t won and is one of the few from his cast that is popular and important enough in the plot to win. The only downside is that he’s been in the final 4 two times in a row and him making it to the final four again could be a little annoying like how Owen was in…

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