• Curshburger

    Duncney Isn’t Perfect

    October 20, 2018 by Curshburger

    Let’s talk about Duncney, probably the most beloved couple in the first generation cast. These two had thousands of fans during their time together, and even to this today, many still claim they’re still the greatest TD couple of all time.

    With that being said, it may come as a shock to you when I say that IMO, Duncney is quite overrated. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s my least favorite couple of the series (unless attractions count). And here’s why...

    Island is the only season where I didn’t have a problem with Duncney at all. I was pretty neutral towards it at this point in time. Then again, I was pretty neutral to (almost) every couple at this point in time. It might sound weird, but TD wasn’t a show that I started watching ju…

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  • FloridaMan

    BS Eliminations

    October 19, 2018 by FloridaMan

    Over the course of the series, there have been eliminations that have been completely unfair. I'm talking about eliminations which, while occasionally necessary for the plot, are done in far-fetched ways which completely stretch our disbelief as viewers. Here are perhaps the most bogus eliminations over the show's history.

    Beth's elimination in If You Can't Take The Heat... - There was never any evidence at all that the curse even existed in the first place and Beth herself didn't screw up during the challenge any more than most of her other teammates did. Owen unquestionably should have gone home here. He was single-handily the biggest contributer to the Gopher's loss. But because the writers love Owen so much and have to keep him around, t…

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  • Tomas T

    Toxic Rats were pretty bad. The memebers of the team were great characters but bucause Scott and bad luck they end up as bad team.

    This is already the 3rd and (for now) the final blog that reverse the teams: turn the canon superior team to the inferior and vice versa. This time Toxic Rats get the justice they need.

    Since the canon season had four team swap (that one of them is after return) it will happened here as well.

    Remember the main rule: Team that won in the canon will loos here (and vice versa).

    There is one big change: Staci will be on the Mutant Maggot. The reason is that they will loos six time in a row. They have to be the bigger team (and this way Staci is still the first person to voted off)

    Note: The episode is 95% true to the ca…

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  • KKirby

    And I am ready to start this season, Total Drama Non Stars (Credit to Amazing Brayden for the name).  This will be the Canon cast of Total Drama All Stars, but since a good chunk of them haven't done much (Looking at you World Tour Newbies) they are Non All Stars, but "Non All Stars" is too clunky of a name, so yeah...

    Previous Seasons:

    1. Island
    2. Action
    3. World Tour
    4. Revenge of the Island


    • Reason of being in the bottom 2 is only for non-eliminated contestant and not for the eliminated one
    • Non eliminations will be mentioned
    • Non Elimination Episodes in Canon can be elimination episodes in this and Vice Versa
    • Another team could win in some episodes where they didn't
    • The Immunity Idol returns yet again and is on Boney Island like in Canon
    • Chris has a deal…
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  • Geoff&Courtneyfan

    Hey everyone. It's me Geoff again. I just wanted to write this blog to let you all know what's going on, and some of my thoughts/feelings. First, as you all know, school has started back up, and for me that means back to college. It's been hard trying to balance that and writing my episodes. Also, this is exciting times for me, as I FINALLY have enough confidence to start to work on a project I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I owe that to you guys for giving me that confidence, but I thought my season would be over by now, and it's not, and I'm sorry for that. Now that being said, I am working on episode 21. I've kinda been taking this time off so that I could craft the the rest of this season in my head, and now let's just say…

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  • WreakerOfClash

    Welcome one and all to my first in five months! As everyone probably knows, when the school year began, OC seasons kinda fell off the face of the earth, which is really upsetting because we were half-way through some good seasons and I don't feel that this abrupt ending to the OC universe. Since Inter has recently created a blog about OCs for the first time in a long time, I quickly got thinking on what I wanted to do to contribute to the wiki. I've became a huge fan of Survivor, and I noticed that Total Drama was originally a parody of it in the first place. I then wondered, "What would happen if it ended the same as Survivor?" I finally realized the perfect idea for a topic: a jury deciding the winner of each OC season!

    For this post, I w…

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  • ScribbledEggs


    October 17, 2018 by ScribbledEggs

    I’m watching all of the seasons of Total Drama. I’m currently on Island episode 27.

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  • Tomas T

    The secon blog where i turn the superior team to the inferior and vice versa. I skipped on TDA becasue i dont like the season. So lets just say that Lindsay and Harold were finalists.

    This time it will be a little bit tricky because we have three teams. Team victory, maybe the worst team in total drama history, is now the better team while team amazon took their place. But in the second half of the season there will be another switch that turn team chris to the superior since they became the infrior team after the end of team victory.

    Lets remember the main rule: In episode that TV lost in the canon, they will win. The team that won in that episode will loos and eliminate someone. nothing happened to the team that made it to the second place …

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  • Randomperson1020


    So everyone knows that Katie was a huge nuisance to the Killer Bass, along with Sadie.

    But if she's alone? In Dodgebrawl, she participated in all 5 rounds showing her physical skills. (Sadie did nothing) She could have done something beneficial for her team or herself if she didn't get voted off that early.

    _____actually that's the only thing she did during TDI and she didn't join any of the subsequent seasons, and never got to show any of her potentials forever

    I think if Sadie was voted off instead of Katie back then, Katie could have gone way further in TDI.

    They should have given Katie an extra chance or separated her from Sadie

    ...well how about Sadie?

    ->No one cares (at least I don't..)

    Despite being placed 15th compared to Katie (19t…

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  • Tomas T

    My 3rd episode of the "Top 5 worst epilimations" series. This time about TDWT

    Unlike TDA that consider by a lots of people as bad season, TDWT is very lovable by the fandome and some people see it as the best season. You know what? I AGREE. This season was so good even better than TDI. So much effort they put in the season and it was really intresting. Sierra and Alejandro were great addition for the cast, 4 TDA rejecters retunred and the best thing: Heather had awsome redemption storyline. I mean, it was amazing to see the villian from season 1, a character that we all love to hate, became the heroine and made a lots of people (inside and outside the show) to cheer for her. Even Eva smiled when Heather won (GO TEAM EVA).

    even though this is…

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