• Boyariffic

    Here's my idea on how Blaineley's legacy in Total Drama World Tour could have lasted longer, making for a better and more meaningful character.

    • Niagara Brawls - Everything stays the same. Moving on.
    • Chinese Fake-Out - At the elimination ceremony, Chris gives her and Courtney an actual tie breaker. A Chinese finger trap tug of war. Blaineley and Courtney stick their fingers into opposite sides of a finger trap and get into a "tug of war" with it. Courtney misinterprets the rules, as she yanks hard enough to make the finger trap slip off of Blaineley's finger and well as making her fall on her face, and loses. As for Blaineley's tangent. During the tug of war, Courtney provokes Blaineley, by claiming that "Due to my longer experience, I know mo…

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  • LittleAnnieFanny

    There have been a plethora of arguments on which host was better. Some people like Chris because of the drama he starts, while others like Don because he is nice to other contestants (even Geoff and Brody).

    People like Chris because of how he puts the drama in the show Total Drama. While he is a horrible person, people feel that without him, there is no "Total Drama". This is not exactly true. You still had "Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race" and Chris wasn't the host that season.

    For those who feel that Chris McLean is the worst for everything he's done, we meet a brand new host. His name is Don. Don was the host for The Ridonculous Race. He serves as the polar opposite for Chris. For example, when Noah and Owen were the first team of the s…

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  • Masta Shake1

    Total Drama Worlds Collide

    Episode 5

    Sin City


    The Deplorable Dingos: Jim, Sasha, Lorelei, Coral, Logan, Nathan, Liam, Evan ( 8/8 )

    The Abysmal Alligators: Kassidy, Abbey, Jessica, Jeffrey, James, Colt, Thorin ( 7/8 )

    The Nobodies: Melody, Toronto, Richard, Brianna, Kylie, Callista ( 6/8 )

    Chris: Previously on Total Drama Worlds Collide...

    Our teams had to rough it in the woods. While some were successful, others were not. Richard got on Toronto's final nerve, while Abbey may have a thing for James. James was a star last episode, which in other terms, means he stole the spotlight. Sabotaging the Nobodies, he cost them the win, which cost Colin his place in the running. Who will go home next, here on Total Drama, Worlds Collide!

    It is the …

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  • CosmicNamara

    Ciara doesn't always like to call herself a diva, but finds herself getting called such. She grew up with TDI's well known contestant, Lindsay as both are sisters. It may seem typical but Ciara is a complete opposite to her sister . Although she loves fashion and expresses herself through it, she prefers being kept to herself and has alternative interests. She's a huge fan of Total Drama, after watching her sister for seasons on end she wishes to participate finally. People often perceive her as a dumbie, but she knows how to use this to her advantage to get what she wants. She has her flaws as well, often being seen as somebody to take FOREVER to get ready and often is a clutz. Her ultimiate goal is to be famous through Total Drama if she…

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  • IloveLuigi

    ==Total Drama Island== 

    Lindsay cussing Heather out.

    • Harold saving everyone's lives.

    • Heather manipulating Alejandro in her ending.

    • Scott's elimination.

    "Sorry pappy, I would've gotten the shiny rock, but the sea pig ate it!" -Scott

    The others I have currently not watched. I'll update this once I have.

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  • Scott total drama
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  • Scott total drama
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  • CheeseBurgerGuy

    TDI My Way

    May 21, 2018 by CheeseBurgerGuy

    In my opinion, the Total Drama franchise has been a very accurate parody of reality TV competitions, and many of the eliminations are fair. Retrospectively however, there have been many cases that the writers have made some questionable decisions. Taking inspiration from ArtDraw12's 'My Way' Blogs, among others, I've decided to throw my hat into the ring with the first season. I hope you all enjoy.


    1. Honestly, anything goes. While TDI's cast will stay the same, I might change the season's cast if I do another of these blogs. Different teams will win and team switches can happen at any time (though it certainly won't be often)

    2. The format will be similar to ArtDraw12's format, since their format is so nice (I wanted to give credit where cr…

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  • Flagator24

    How well do you know Total Drama? 32

    1. In This is how we will end it what did Alejandro say he robbed Leshawna of and what did he make Courtney do?

    2.Other than Zeek and ye shall find what is the other horror movie challenge in all stars?

    3. In the American airing of That's off the chain! Lindsay's cursing was changed to what?

    4.Other than Duncan and Scott which other contestant developed feelings for Courtney?

    5. How did Heather lose her wig in alien resureggtion?

    6. Izzy says she is a reincarnation of who?

    7. which season has the lowest amount of writers?

    Guess the contestant by emoji-





    Guess the ridonculous race team by emoji-





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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Remaining Contestants

    Fighting Rockies: Alexis, Makenzie, Troy, Rex, Ace, Holden, Jewels, Princess, Michael, Arin and Russell (11/11)

    Killer Jackies: George, Chang, Yvette, Prudence, Alice, Jacey, Kyle, Nate, Reynold, Rose and Blast (11/11)


    Blaineley: Last time on Total Drama To The Movies!

    I took over the job of your old, far less superior host Chris Mclean, and let the competitors endure hardships and adversities *chuckles* idiots. They did lots of stuff and-

    Do I have to do this?

    The camera nods.

    Blaineley: But,

    Camera: Chris did it.

    Blaineley: *mockingly* Chris did it, *normal* Fine, what shocking events will unfold in this episode of Total Drama To The Movies! I'm going to have an ice bath now,


    Breakfast. Horrible. The breakfast is horribl…

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