• DCT0473

    Last time on Reviewing. Literally. Every Season of Total Drama:

    We reviewed All-Stars and it sucked. End of story. Let’s just jump into the review.

    So we have finally reached Season 5’s second half, Total Drama Pahkitew Island. I don’t know why FreshTV doesn’t consider it Season 6 (Because let’s be honest, it is. Even Netflix thinks so), but whatever. Anyways, what does TDPI do to stand out from the crowd?

    To start, we’re on a whole new location called Pahkitew Island (If you couldn’t figure it out by now). Unlike Camp Wawanakwa, Phakitew Island is completely artificial, with land pieces that can be rearranged and lethal robotic animals that can be controlled by Chris. While this does sound interesting, the writers barely use this concept to …

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  • Don25

    Narrative atmosphere

    The second episode has been much better written, with good dialogues and scenes, continuity is maintained (Courtney's doll).

    The subtlety and the humor have advanced a lot, managing to be pleasant and enjoyable.

    Surrealism is present but in a more natural way in the eyes of children, it seems that this surrealism is from the perspective and imagination of children.


    Courtney: Here the little girl CIT demonstrates a breakthrough in her personality, first we see her with her doll (which she recovered from the vault of Chef) hiding it so that Chef does not confiscate it, continuation she forced brutally Noah (after no obey a rule) to cross the legs in Indian, arguing that the rules are the rules.

    Then after Izzy and J…

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  • DCT0473

    Last time on: Reviewing Literally Every Season of Total Drama:

    We made a long-anticipated return to Camp Wawanaka to review Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. There was good writing and characters, but also some forced quest appearances and the season tried to play it safe. Unfortunately, poor ROTI only got a 4/5.

    Today, we’re down to the final three seasons, and this next guy claims to be an “All-star”. But is he really one? Find out today on Reviewing. Literally. Every Season of Total Drama!

    Today, we’re going over Total Drama All-Stars, the first half of the fifth season of Total Drama. Yeah… for some reason, FreshTV considers All-Stars and Pahkitew Island to both be part of season 5, but I consider both separate seasons. With that introd…

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  • Madforlego12

    Previously on TD Fight of the Living Dead ~ The seven remaining contestants are waiting in the safe room. When A fight breaks out between Sugar and DJ. DJ pushes Sugar back and Sugar hits her head on the table. The remaining contestants go to sleep for the night. The next morning, Sugar tells DJ to not talk to her until he dies. The voice announces that in order to get breakfast, She needs four contestants to go fetch the food from the Cafe. After some talking, The four 'tests' to go fetch the food are Shawn, Brick, Katie, and DJ. The four 'tests' make it to the Cafe in one piece. DJ is able to fetch the food while Katie stabs a Crawler zombie in the head with a knife. Shawn feels a dislike for Brick due to Brick taking Shawn's team leader…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Hello, I'm Raised By Wolves and welcome to my Total DramaRama Reviews! Today, we'll be reviewing the second episode of the show. The episode just came out, so needless to say...

    The episode starts off with everyone playing outside, when Chef Hatchet announces that story time is beginning. This was really cute, I loved story time as a kid. Meanwhile, Duncan is still at his antics from the previous episode, trying out escape plans. This time, his plot is a little less complex than last time with the vents. He's put in-universe version of Pop Rocks candy onto clay, and he's planning on using it to make the gate of the daycare explode. Izzy, in her normal adorable fashion, is fascinated by Duncan's creation (a possible allusion to Up the Creek?)…

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  • Don25

    I totally agree that there should not be couples or anything of sexual themes (as if in the original universe) directly or indirectly in this show, because in the end this show is mainly for young children.

    Now I want to make something clear, that children of that age kiss on the cheek, hug or give each other flowers, food or toys, it is very normal at that age, it is not something perverse or twisted, they are simply showing and developing a normal way and heals your feelings, as it happens in the nurseries of real life.

    So if for example Courtney embraces or kisses the cheek or Duncan gives a skull made by him, does not mean love of couples, they are just being affectionate.

    I expose this because if there is such a scene in Dramarama, there…

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  • PhoenixDragonSamurai

    Here's part two. Part three will be released once the season is done.

    Lucas: FINALLY! I’ve got my first kiss! The 2 million bucks is good at everything but a kiss from a girl is worth more than that. No more “Lucas the single” or “Sir Kissy” or whatever. THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE! (suddenly wind blows and Lucas crash into a building) OUCH! MEDIC! I NEED A MEDIC! Oh wait, I’m a medic. Just gonna get my medkit…(then suddenly Fang the Shark pops out from the sewer) Oh no not you again. Stay back!!! Ah, Ahhhhh

    (suddenly a car crashes into Fang)

    Familiar voice: That’s for at Galapagos Island you mutant sushi.

    Lucas: Oh my god, Adrianna. Thank you, thank you, thank you (kissing her feet several times) No wait, I have a girlfriend.

    Adrianna: Y…

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  • Geoff&Courtneyfan

    Hey everyone

    August 10, 2018 by Geoff&Courtneyfan

    Hey it's me, Geoff. I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I'm working as hard as I can to finish episode 20. the bad news that you all will probably have to wait for it to come out. You see the thing is, it's been getting harder and harder to write these episodes. I used to be able to write 30 or 40 thousand byte episodes a week, back when it was easier to come up with entire plots of episodes. But lately things have gotten harder. My last episode I uploaded at like 11:30 my time. Anyways, I'll try to get this next episode by tomorrow at the latest, but I make no promises for that and for my schedule in the future. Sorry if this sounds a little emotional, it's just that I hate to break promises. Any ways, I hope …

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  • SpiritAnimal

    I’ve been thinking about what could be next for the series if it actually survives following Total DramaRama. Tbh it’s probably unlikely but there’s a chance it could, and if it did, what could follow?

    Well I think that if we were to bring back the og format of TD, they’d need to move the series. I think the problem with TD as it aged was the fact that they started aiming for younger audiences but continuity doesn’t stick well with younger kids who might not understand well. Something like Netflix would work because of the binge watch factor, which is used a lot nowadays for continuity based shows. It’s already on Netflix, so people new to the show could easily watch the first seasons before the newer. That makes returnees possible. It wou…

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  • SirSalad

    TDPI SirSalad's Way

    August 7, 2018 by SirSalad

    Okay, time for my least favourite season, but have I made it any better? Here are da rools:

    • Nobody switches teams
    • Nobody returns
    • You may not like this order

    • Losers: Muskwak
    • Bottom 2: Beardo and Leonard
    • Eliminated:Leonard
    • Reason: His wizard tower failed and he was useless to the team
    • Notes: I don't know how he managed to get past the first episode but he isn't getting any further this time! >:)

    • Losers: Kinosewak
    • Bottom 2: Samey and Jasmine
    • Eliminated: Jasmine
    • Reason: Jasmine got distracted by Shawn, which made her lose the challenge for the team
    • Notes: After this episode I really started to hate Jasmine
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