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  • SC Heerenveen

    So I've taken all of the campers from Camp TV and I want you guys to vote someone off, when I have enough votes(I was thinking 10) the voting closes and I'll start with round 2 as soon as possible.




















    thanks for your votes and support but someone told me to add more text or else this page will be deleted, can somebody explain that to me?

    "Wow, your much shorter in real life."

    "Alejandro is evil, evil!"

    "Heather is as mean as a snake, they'll never vote me off!"

    "Every second we're getting closer to adventure, and further from momma!"

    "I'm gonna rock juvy!"

    "Unless they wan't to end up in body bags they better not say my name!"

    "Yo, yo, yo! This years…

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  • MrAwesome101

    Hello and Welcome to my new Series Character Stories where I take the Contestants and Put them in a Story

    Yes It has been a few months but listen one My Old Computer has been having dying on me repeatedly please note I will be uploading these every 2 weeks and I will also be Writting each story as I go along also there are links.

    This begins at a Lab in The Middle of Nowhere  where we see  Evil Scientists Max and Scarlett created a Monster That will Eat The Nearby City's entire Food Supply also named O.W.E.N. The Monster was Sent out To First eat the food supply of Detroit, then of Minneapolis, and Finally it gets into New Orleans where a Trap has been set for it by Izzy. The first Step of the Trap is for the Bait Lindsay dressed as a Corndo…

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  • Flagator24

    How well do you know total drama? 14 like the recent ones I made they will be multiple choice. (I honestly like making these Eventhough it is hard to think of the options for the multiple choice ones) P.S. there will be no prize besides seeing how well you know the show.

    1.Where were the contestants when Lindsay remembered Tyler?

    A. Germany


    2.Who said this is not in my contract when they were introduced in All Stars?

    A. Gwen



    3.When Tyler was helping Lindsay stand up in dodgebrawl who got him out of the game?




    4.Who was Noah accused of kissing?

    A. Cody

    B. Justin


    5.When Izzy returned in TDA she was living underground with what?

    A. Beavers



    6.What color was the snake that ate Bunny in who c…

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  • Flagator24

    This is how well do you know total drama 13. Like my 12th how well do you know total drama it will be multiple choice.

    1.Who told Beth her candy ring was a break up ring?


    B. Heather

    C. Gwen

    2.Who said Chris' cottage was a Mansion?

    A. Gwen



    3. When Duncan gets eliminated with police escort he says he didn't know to put What in the microwave?

    A. Aluminum foil



    4.In the cooking challenge in TDI oh said they could do a Italian theme?




    5.Who said that was for the oatmeal in dodgebrawl?




    6.During the song baby who said Marry me Justin?


    B. Beth

    C.Katie and Sadie

    7.Who's hair was Heather planning on cutting off?




    8. What color was the coin …

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  • Flagator24

    I made a What is your favorite episode from each total drama season. Now this is what your least favorie episode from each total drama season. Mine are-


    The last episode really(Owen's ending)  or X-treme torture

    The TDI finale was going well until Owen cheated in a way making him win in pretty much every country except like four.(I think Owen is the most undeserving Total Drama winner)

    X-treme torture because of the challenge and how Harold lost the challenge for the killer bass.


    Any aftermath episode

    The aftermaths were entertaining yet lame at the same time.Because the theme song showing the aftermath stage at the end basically said Geoff and Bridgette are going to get eliminated early so don't root for them. Also it ruined Geoff.



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  • Lifeishard

    This is a new blog series where I look what would happen if a character never existed. Fort the first blog we will begin with Heather followed by Duncan.

    Nothing can stop Zeke from saying good bye to his fellow campers. Nothing else.

    First big change. No alliance by Heather . But nothing will stop Gwen from winning. Eva will not rage and that means some one else from the Killer Bass. That person will probably be Duncan for getting blamed as the last to fall asleep and therefore costed his team the win.​

    No Duncan means annihilated Killer Bass which means Harold wil probably be eliminated as he hasn't made the best image of himself so far.

    No Harold = Loss of another Killer Bass member. And we  know this person is Bridgette for puking and break…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi guys, Quest back again with this week's instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz. For todays instalment we'll be focusing on Duncan the Bad boy, with four different sections, each having five questions.

    • Q1- What did Duncan say he didn't like in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1?
    • Q2- Who did he call "Princess"?
    • Q3- Where does Duncan end up, during the final part of the bike race in That's Off the Chain!?.
    • Q4- Which animal did Duncan have to handle during Wawanakwa Gone Wild!?.
    • Q5- Why did Duncan replace DJ's bunny in Who Can You Trust?.

    • Q1- Give the name of Duncan's super-hero persona?
    • Q2- What was his reason for bullying Harold during TDA?.
    • Q3- What sort of spider did Duncan have as a pet and what was it called?
    • Q4- Who made Duncan faint during…

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  • Flagator24

    This will be my 12th How well do you know Total Drama quiz. Note - unlike the other ones most will be multiple choice

    1.Who said -did it just get really quiet in here or is it just me?




    2.Who said- Don't talk about dodgeball




    3.What did Chris make Chef 2 out of while he was in prison?




    4.In Gwen's face who said -they're way ahead so we got to go

    a. Courtney



    5.Why did Courtney not let Heather go through the Alien portal in the EX-files?

    a.To vote off Gwen

    b. Because she wanted to see her get knocked out off the plane

    c. Because they were in an alliance

    6. At the beginning of Greece's pieces Chris said the olympics originated in what country?

    a. France



    7.In …

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  • Glenn31

    Welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm Glenn31, and this week, we're looking at The Delinquent, Duncan!

    Duncan was introduced in Total Drama Island as being the token bad boy, he had interesting plots with Courtney and Harold, and it's needless to say he was popular in the first two seasons.

    In TDWT, we see a different side of Duncan, who cheats on Courtney and appear to show no remorse for it, simply sitting back and letting the girls fight.

    In TDAS, Duncan's "Bad Boy with a Heart" shtick was played up and he …

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  • Pikadavid14

    For the past year and a half or so, I've been thinking about what it would have been like if the original contestants had competed in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. This blog will show you the ideas that I have come up with for this season. Since 24 contestants are competiting and there were only 13 episodes in the canon version, I decided to include the 13 episodes of Total Drama All-Stars, as well. I also thought of 4 Aftermath episodes (though they won't be mentioned in the blog), bringing the episode total to 30, the most of any season so far. With all of that cleared up, let's get started.

    Special credit goes to ArtDraw12 and his "My Way Series" blogs for inspiration on how to write this blog. Sorry for not crediting you earlier.

    • N…

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