• Don25

    My opinion.

    I really hope not or only two or three, the universe of TD has more than 80 characters and half need more development and / or redemption.

    New characters would mean less time for the current characters.

    I accept that in each season, there must be "new blood" so that the franchise evolves and adapts, preventing it from stagnating.

    But I think that in TD 6, it must be a mixture of the first three generations and maybe some of RR.

    What is your opinion?

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  • Masta Shake1


    Skyliner Jets: Kylie, Eli, Nick, Peter, Brianna, Candice ( 6/9 )

    ​Soaring Eagles: Sarah, Veronica, Jono, Nathan, Logan, Sienna, Jessica ( 7/9 )

    ​Chris: Previously on Total Drama Global Takedown....

    We had a little trip to the Innoko in Alaska! Neither teams could function with one another as they struggled to cooperate with themselves. Peter made a friendship with Eli as Logan and Sienna bonded. Sarah and Jessica's rivalry reached a boiling point as Sarah continued to do Veronica's work. In the end, the Jets were victorious and odd one out Nozomi took the fall. Who'll go flying next on Total...Drama...Global Takedown!


    ​In first class, Peter and Eli were playing cards when Peter saw Nick motioning to him. Peter dropped his card…

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  • AlphaBeta25

    Remaiining Contestants:

    The Terrifying Tarantulas: Agatha, Jim, Lorelei, Daniel, Ken, Thorin, Toronto, Kierston, Karen(9/10)

    Chris looked at the audience and waved. "How are all of you guys doing? It's Chris McLean back with another episode of Total Drama! Last time, the teams merged into the Terrifying Tarantulas and at the end, cowardly Ghost Richard got the boot! Who will be out this time! Who's going to break some ankles? Find out right here, right now on Total Drama!"

    (Intro Scene plays and Camera Cuts to the contestants talking strategy)

    Jim beckoned to Daniel, who is laughing with Thorin and Toronto. Daniel laughed, "Ha! That was a real nice joke, Thorin!" Thorin replied, "Um, we just said we were glad we made the merge!" Daniel replied…

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  • Flagator24

    How well do you know Total Drama? 25

    1.In the EX-files how does Team Amazon activate the land mines guarding Area 51?

    2.When Duncan says why he bullies Harold what animal does he compare Courtney to?

    3.What are the episodes with alternate titles?

    4.Who are the contestants that inter team dated?

    5.Who are the contestants that have given the middle finger?

    6.Who was the contestant to first find Scarlett scary?

    7.Who said max and Scarlett are practically married?

    8.Who said a narwhal was like an underwater unicorn?

    9. How much was Owen's family in debt in TDA?

    10. Before the Heather-Gwen blog war in the TDA special What was Gwen's web show originally about?

    11.In Revenge of the island what did Scott say he was doing the night he was looking for the invi…

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Jessica is a contestant in Total Drama: Global Takedown and is a member of the Soaring Eagles.

    Jessica is a cold-hearted teenager. She sees the other competitors as pawns and that she will control the game easily. She doesn't mind if somebody get's badly injured or emotionally hurt, unless it stops her from getting her way. She wasn't always like this though; she was born last out of 5 children and was always pushed to the side, so she decided that she needed to take charge and dominate her 4 brothers. She could double cross anybody (that's how she became homecoming queen) and is ready to win and to see some children fail miserably.


    • Jessica was born in August, so she was also the youngest in class.
    • She ended Elementary School in: June 2014.
    • S…

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  • TDFanatic52

    A thought came to mind the other day. What if the worst teams of Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama Pahkitew Island were in the same season? Both are considered the weaker team out of there respective seasons with the Toxic Rats having lost five of its original members before the merge and the Pimâpotew Kinosewak losing four of its original members before the merge. So, if the two teams were to battle it out on the same season, which team would be considered the stronger one?

    Something to clarify: I will not be adding in members that was the result of a team swap, so Jo, Brick, and Sky will not be included. Only the team's original members will be included.

    So lets start off the Rats. The Rats debuted in Bigger! Badder! Brutal…

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  • Masta Shake1

    Shake here, with another installment of Shake Talks! Today, I'll be starting a little series in my Shake Talks blogs, called...Team Analysis, where I'll be studying the teams of Total Drama. Today, I'll be starting off with TDI, all the way to TDPI. For my first team analysis, I'll be examining the Screaming Gophers!

    The Screaming Gophers are considered the 'superior' team in Total Drama Island, winning 7 of the 12 pre - merge challenges, and losing only 5. Heather, Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen and Trent make the merge for the Screaming Gophers, with Izzy returning. Noah, Justin, Izzy, Cody, and Beth don't make the merge, but Izzy is still able to return. Izzy and Katie switch in Episode 1 as Katie wanted to be with Sadie.

    The Screaming Gophe…

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  • SmarticleParticles


    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Talent, the challenge brought the contestants to the kitchen, where they gathered, cooked, and baked to create the perfect confection. Jenny, Fatima, and James all fought over the favor of a Lindsay, a crucial vote and follower. Meanwhile, with the help and advice of Jasmine and Geoff, Cleo and Chuck were able to set aside their difference and make up, sharing their first kiss. At the end of the day, Jenny was able to win with a 20 pound tower of dough and a lot of sabotage, which was all surprisingly within the rules. James betrayed his alliance with Lindsay and Fatima and joined Jenny and voted Fatima out in hopes for a better chance of winning. Who will be getting the boot this time on Total… Drama… Ta…

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  • Don25

    She has proven to be a liar, hypocrite, false, interested ...

    Because in every loving or friendly relationship, Gwen cuts them off in the first crisis, regardless of the damage it causes ....

    And she never receives karma, she is protected by an anti-karma shield, an irony, since she was the first character to mention karma ...

    What makes her, is an impediment to the evolution and development of other characters like Courtney, Duncan or Heather ...

    Because they always put her as the "innocent victim", placing others by force as "guilty", receiving an involution and an exorbitant and unfair punishment, so that she comes out as the good one.


    Heather had an evolution from villain to victim to anti-heroi…

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  • Queen Amy

    TD6 My Way

    December 11, 2017 by Queen Amy
    Total Drama is back with a brand new All-Star season! Chris McLean has rounded up the best contestants from the first three generations so he can pit them against each other in a Battle Royale style clash for the million dollars. The contestants must endure the harsh environment of the artificial Camp Wawanakwa, solve unfinished business between their fellow campmates and partake in the death-defying challenges that Total Drama is known for. With the biggest cast since TDWT - expect double the drama, double the backstabbing and double the fun! Who will rise to the occasion? Who will not? Find out on Total. Drama. All-Stars. Take 2!

    Chris introduces the concept of the new season and reveals that the network gave him the money to have an arti…

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