• Semilb

    Total Drama all stars 2.0

    January 16, 2019 by Semilb

    Team original

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  • IrishForever

    (See Episode 1 for events before this)

    After Anne Maria is eliminated, Jo asks which team gets the luxury hotel. Chris says ther is another challenge, this one at night. He calls it:

    Statues of Luxury: Each team will have to run to a spot in the middle of the forest, pick up a wooden statue of a shark, a flame or a giant star. The first team to bring it back wins luxury. The last team will lose another member tonight.

    The competitors groan, yet agree. Chris starts the challenge and each team starts to take different paths.


    Team Shark: Shark took the wrong route to the statues thanks to Izzy and Courtney. Dave yells at them for getting them lost

    Team Flame: Flame took the shortest route. They found the statues first and DJ, Leshawna and…

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  • Tomas T

    Sugar is not that bad

    January 16, 2019 by Tomas T


    Sugar is pretty controversial character. There are some people who really like her because she is funny (for them at least) but some people seems to despise her so much because she is annoying (and some people say she is a combination of the bad qualities of the previous antagonists).

    Since my first watch of the season I hated her. No matter what I said "Sugar is one of the worst". I considered her as my "3rd most hated character" and "my most hated female character" (Since Leonard and Duncan are guys so...).

    One day I decided to rewatch both TDROTI and TDPI just for fun. To see if some opinions were changed. Not so much. I hate the same character and love the same character. But I have to admit that Lightning wasn't that bad as I remember…

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  • IrishForever

    (See Part 1 for character introductions)

    Warning! No script will be used in this blog, only descriptions!

    After introducing the contestants, Chris explains the rules. There will be a luxury hotel  for the immunity-winning team and cabins for the losers. After every challenge, a person from the losing team will be eliminated. There is a idol that will come into play later in the season.

    He says the teams will be created by the next challenge, which he then shows them 7 giant round balls. Geoff asks what they are and Chris explains the challenge.

    "This challenge is called GyroBall Battle. One male and female contestant will enter the ball. You will race to the other side of the island. There are three flags that will need to be picked up on the …

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  • IrishForever

    Warning! There will be no speech in this episode, only descriptions of what happen in the episode!

    Chris McLean is back and says that a all new season of contestants who came so close but didn't win the season or seasons they were in had a chance to return. In the end, 14 decided to come back. He is on an all new island and tells us the winner will get 2 million dollars instead of one. Then, he throws it to the intro.

    (Awesome Intro song we know and love)

    Chris first introduces the contestants from the original cast who came back. First, it's Courtney, who asks where Duncan and Gwen are. Upon learning they won't be here, she grumbles. Cody is next, who hopes he can finally have a chance to win. Next is Geoff, who gets mad at Chris for not inv…

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  • Elodge

    Yes, he deserved to go home, but wanna know what he’s here? Cause of the way he was written off. He was poorly written off in favour of Courtney, cmon, at least give Owen some dignity, cause nobody cares about Courtney.

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  • IrishForever

    The Wild Card

    January 13, 2019 by IrishForever

    With 11 contestants having been announced for Total Drama: Second Chances, only 3 contestants are left unannounced. However, these contestants didn't quite make the expectations, but we needed more contestants, so...

    The last 3:


    Anne Maria

    Beardo ( except he can talk, as seen when he was catapulted away in "So, uh...This is my team?")

    I also have three team names for the season, but try to come up with ones that are better than mine (Team Colors: Red, Blue and White). Shout-out to Scott, Bridgette and Brick for making honorable mentions, as well as SirHighAwesomeParty for finding a mistake in my writing. Now, the cast for the season.

    Originals: Cody, Courtney, DJ, Izzy, Geoff, Leshawna, Harold

    Revengers: Sam, Jo, Anne Maria

    Pahkitewians: Be…

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  • Maplacher1012


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  • Maplacher1012
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  • IrishForever

    The Next 3 contestants

    January 12, 2019 by IrishForever

    After the announcement of Geoff, Leshawna, Courtney , DJ, Sam, Jo, Dave and Jasmine , I believe I should announce the next 3 contestants on Total Drama: Second Chances. They are...




    Comment on who you think are the last three contestants and what the team names should be.

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