• Tomas T

    continuing "my way" trend, this is the time for TDWT in my way. As i said in the TDI post i'll skip TDA, TDROIT and TDAS. So before i star here few thing that you need to no about this altrernative timeline.

    1. Lindsay and Harold were finalist in TDA.

    2. Gwen and Tret did brock up.

    3. Bridgette and Geoff did not fixed their relationship crisis. Geoff additced to the famous life and became much more famous than Bridgette. He began to flirt with other girls, ignor Bridgette sometimes and they had huge fight before the season began.

    4. Lindsay know who Tyler is from the begening.

    5. Eva is part of this season. I wanted to begen the season with even number of contestants from the begning (six in each team). So she will place in Team Chris because i…

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  • PhoenixDragonSamurai

    Note this is not a game, just wanted to know what are people's opinion on the season in different ways>

    Welcome to the first OC season of my unofficial blog. This serves more of an opinion blog but in a different way.

    Super Slamdown was created by AlphaBeta25 and features 22 contestants and 23 eps. WreakerOfClash is also involved with several episodes. The finalist are Lorelei and Thorin

    • OC award: Best OC created
    • I'll Be There For You: Best friendship
    • RedVsBlue: Best Conflict
    • Tyler Award: Favourite pain magnet of the season
    • Dr. House Award: Most Sarcastic Contestant of the season
    • Camp Steve Award: Most suprising moment when a contestant manage to step up and either win or did well in a challenge
    • Stalkerlicious Award: Creepiest moment of the season
    • Donkey…

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  • Flagator24

    Here I am ranking seasons of Total Drama by team names from worst to best-

    Total Drama Revenge of the island

    Revenge of the island has always been a meh season. But the team names reminding viewers that the island is full of toxic waste was odd. Team Names - Toxic Rats Mutant Maggots.

    Total Drama Action

    Action is a good season except the final two(Beth and Duncan really?) the team names were bad because most people probably don't even know what the mascots for the teams were. Team names- Killer Grips Screaming Gaffers

    Total Drama All Stars

    All stars will always be the worst season of Total Drama but the team names were okay because in a way it kept on reminding viewers Gwen is the 'new Heather ' . Team names- heroic hamsters villainous vultures

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  • AlphaBeta25

    Remaining Contestants:

    Lorelei, Thorin

    Chris: What's up campers? Last time, Jim took a beating and he got sent home. The finale here. So are all the contestants that were previously eliminated! Who will win? Find out right here right now on Total...Drama......SUPER SLAMDOWN!!!

    Intro Plays and shows that Thorin and Lorelei were soaked with cuts and bruises, with them cheering Jim's finally gone.

    Lorelei(shocked and relieved): I can't believe it! After all this time in the merge! I've been trying to get him in Day 1! And I succeeded. YES! Uh huh, oh yeah. Lorelei in the finale!

    Thorin(grinning): Yeah I'm real happy too. He was really getting in on my nerves.

    Conf. Thorin: See Toronto and Karen, I avenged you guys. Haha Jim goodbye!

    Chris: Good job …

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  • JoshTheKing3

    Yo! It's your mystical nugget Josh back with another blog post. Today, we are continuing the TD Eliminations, now with Revenge of the Island! I liked this season overall, there was some eliminations that I thought were and good and others I wanted to change. So lets get started!

    - A Bottom 3/4 is possible

    - A different team can win in a different episode

    - I will only be mentioning eliminations

    - Some eliminations could stay the same, others could be changed completely.

    Winners: Mutant Maggots

    Bottom 2: Dakota + Staci

    Reason: Staci voted her for not competing properly in challenges and being too focused on her paparazzi.

    Eliminated: Staci

    Reason: She talked forever. She would not stop, at all. This annoyed the heck out of her team, to which they vo…

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  • Dominator9000

    Dear Webkinz Mania,

    I Feel You Have'nt Gotten My Message.

    I Came To Join Your Group.

    Because I Don't Want To Get Kicked Out.

    If You Understand I Appreciate It.

    I Hope You Can See It As Important.

    Sign: Tony M. Grillo.

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  • Nbachamp2017

    Not gonna lie, This season was Amazing but most of the in my opnion the elimination order wasnt so good so il try my best to do these the best i can. Rules are below. And one more thing, My reasons may be a little weird/stupid but im doing some of these based off teams weaknesses and The Sabtages ;).

    Rules and Notes

    • Rankings will be shown and will be very different
    • Important events will be noted
    • Non Elimination episodes will be shown rankings
    • No Team Can Return Once Eiminated
    • Penalties will be mentioned
    • I will be doing many things different so be aware
    • Geoff is redeemed 

    If thats all lets get started\

    • 3 flights, 6 teams on each plane!
    • 1st- Police Cadets - MacArthur already becomes annoyed with The Ice Dancers and when they are passed by them on the st…

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    Guys I just want to say that I personally love OC seasons, sure it can get tedious for people who don't normally actively read them or care them, and seeing it clog up wiki activity can get awful tiring. I feel really ashamed of having two seasons going on so I have decided both TD to the Movies and Survival will be on hiatus, with TDttm coming back in June like I said and Survival probably slightly earlier or maybe later. So I just want to let you guys into the schedule of the OC seasons, that us creators have decided on, but this still be up for debate.


    Tuesday: On A Train

    Wednesday: Super Slamdown

    Thursday: Survival/ To The Movies! (my two seasons on hiatus)

    Friday: World Domination

    Saturday: Global Takedown

    Sunday: Champions

    It seems like Wi…

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  • Wildfire0078

    Bring in the OCS

    March 18, 2018 by Wildfire0078

    Yep another Oc Fanfic

    Hey guys Wildfire Here and while on holiday I realised I wanted to create a OC season. the setting will be at the abandoned film lot and I want a co writer to write some episodes when I'm busy. I will allow 14 characters in the fanfiction. limit for points is actually unlimited you can go as much as you like but keep the highest limit of points at Ten.

    For your Profile I want





    Here an example

    Wildfire The Shy Kid Wildfire is a kid who always TO alone and HATES talking to others he eats his lunch in the toilet and always stutters when he's speaks the producers don't even know what he is doing on the show good luck Wildfire I guess...

    Intelligence 5

    Athletism 1

    Friendliness 2

    Luck 5

    He has br…

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  • Masta Shake1

    Total Drama Global Takedown

    Episode 17

    Dia De La Prueba


    Candice, Eli, Jessica, Nathan, Sienna.

    Jessica was in first class with Eli.

    Jessica: I need to win this immunity in order to stay. There is no way I can survive if I don't win.

    Eli: I'll help you, okay? We have the advantage over Nathan and Sienna, and considering how Sienna is broken, she'll be an easy target.

    Jessica: Great. It's great that you have Candice on your side.

    Eli: Indeed.

    Jessica: Being enemy of the state isn't fun. Nobody wants to be your ally.

    Eli: That's why I took you in. Nobody wants you and you're desperate. I could turn on you at any moment.

    Jessica: Spare me the details. Now get going. I have some relaxing to enjoy.

    Eli: Fine. Fine. I have to do my workout anyway.


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