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This article focuses on the interactions between Beth and Harold.



Beth kisses Harold in 2008: A Space Owen.

Beth and Harold had very little interaction much in Total Drama Island and the start of Total Drama Action, due to being on opposing teams. After the second season merge, they begin to develop a friendship and often help each other out, especially during challenges or from Courtney's wrath. At one point, Beth believes that Harold has feelings for her. Although hesitant at first, Beth becomes willing to start a relationship with him, even if it means ending her relationship with Brady. However, Harold remains uninterested in Beth, as he doesn't want to disappoint the other girls who he believes are attracted to him.

Total Drama Island


When Harold has a marker-drawn mustache on his face, Beth, along with others, begin laughing at him.

Not Quite Famous

Beth and the other contestants are impressed by Harold's beat boxing skills and she cheers for him despite being on different teams.

Total Drama Action

Super Hero-ld

In the washroom, Beth, Lindsay, and Leshawna contemplate voting off Duncan, but they realize they can't get a majority vote with just the three of them. So Beth tries to convince Harold to join them in voting for Duncan, which he immediately agrees to do, due to their intense conflict.

Get a Clue


Harold succeeds in obtaining Beth's DNA.

While the contestants gather DNA samples, Harold manages to trap Beth in the makeup trailer and acquire her finger prints and DNA. This causes Beth to angrily glare at him. After Harold's attempt to revive "Chris" fails, he and Beth both start to panic, slamming into each other, before Duncan snaps them out of it. Later on, she decides to work together with Harold and Courtney.

Rock n Rule

Harold accepts Beth and Lindsay’s offer to join them in voting off Duncan, due to his hatred for him.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Beth vs Harold

Harold punches Beth (while being controlled by Duncan).

Beth and Harold are forced to fight due to the challenge. They both wear robot suits and are controlled by Duncan and Courtney. Harold apologizes to Beth every time he hits her, as Duncan is in control of his movements, but they have no ill-mannered feelings towards each other.

2008: A Space Owen


Harold tells Beth it's better to be single than weighed down in a relationship.

Beth receives a promise candy ring from Brady in the beginning of the episode. Later on, Harold asks her why she wants to wait for someone when she can keep meeting new people. Beth believes that Harold is trying to convince her to break up with Brady which in turn, causes her to believe that Harold has a crush on her. Beth takes his advice and breaks up with Brady in the confessional. Throughout the episode, Beth tries to get Harold's attention such as asking him to help her down the ladder, as well as a few other things. Harold however, doesn't feel the same way, stating in the confessional that it could only be possible if they were the last two people in space. After she gets out of The Vomit Comet, she goes over to Harold and kisses him much to his disgust. When he is voted off, Beth shouts that she'll wait for him, but Harold doesn't seem to like this very much.

Exclusive clip

Harold states that he would tell the bad kids in his class that he had a girlfriend. However, he hesitated to tell them it was Beth.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

When Chef gives Beth the trivia question on the space genre episode, he asks Beth who is eliminated, and she says "Sweet Harold."

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

During one of Harold's recaps, Beth is one of the few people who is ready to beat up Harold while he states a complicated mathematical equation. Later in the episode, Beth, along with Katie and Sadie, squeal when Harold and his band perform Baby.


  • They are the only original contestants to wear glasses.
  • Counting Duncan's ending, they end up ranking three places apart from each other in both seasons they competed in together.

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