Best. Game. Ever. was a Total Drama Action game, exclusively available on the Cartoon Network website. The game was first released on June 12, 2009. The game runs off the same engine used to create Cartoon Network's previous massive multiplayer online game, Big Fat Awesome House Party. The game was removed from the website in May 2012.


In the game, players portray a new intern working for Chris. Players can interact with the castmates, battle enemies, complete challenges and tasks, and buy power-ups, almost like Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! from season one. Challenges came about weekly in accordance to the episode that was on that week.


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Every Thursday, Chris gives out a few objectives for players based on that day's challenge.

After completing the challenge, Chris will give players one star. Get enough stars and players will be promoted.

After completing each objective, players talk to Chris about the next assignment for the challenge.

Monster Cash

  1. Inflate the bouncy castle in the northwest part of the city set for the "monster" to put his "food" in.
  2. Collect four ping-pong balls from the castmates and give them to Chef. Only four campers (Trent, Duncan, Harold, and Owen) will give players the items. The rest will tell the players they don't have any and some may even tell them which contestants do.
  3. Take a waiver to an intern in the northeast portion of the city set and make him sign it, then return it to Chris.
  • Opponent: Bears and Bugs.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Best Game Ever Studio 1
  1. Get the lamp from Harold.
  2. Take the lamp to Chris.
  3. Get a plate of food from kitchen.
  4. Take the plate of food to Chris.
  5. Get seven eggs from Studio #1.
  6. Take the eggs to Chris.
  • Opponent in Studio: Extras in Alien Costumes.
Best Game Ever Studio 2

Riot On Set

  1. Find five spotlights in Studio #1.
  2. Find the camera near the cabin in the Southwest area.
  3. Find twelve script pages in Studio #2.
  • Opponent in Studio: Spiders
Best Game Ever Studio 3

Beach Blanket Bogus

  1. Find six seagulls in Studio #3.
  2. Get Beach Toys from Owen, then some Gravy from Chef to make the sand harder.
  3. Build a Sandcastle of Chris in Studio #3.
  • Opponent in Studio: Sharks and Crabs

3:10 to Crazytown

  1. Find carrots in Studio #2.
  2. Feed 5 horses in Studio #4.
  3. Pick up horse manure in Studio #4 to fill up the hole near the platform.
  4. Get perfume from Heather, then take it to Studio #4.
Best Game Ever Studio 4
  • Opponents in Studio: Extras in Cowboy Costumes and Snakes.

The Aftermath: I

  1. Find the winning Dodgeball in the City area.
  2. Get Gwen's diary in the girls' trailer.
  3. Find the Standee that frightened Duncan in Studio #2.
  4. Find the Tiki idol that Beth brought back from Boney Island in the Southern Woods.
  • Opponent in Studio: Bears and Spiders (these are outside the studios and in Studio #2)
Best Game Ever Studio 5

The Chefshank Redemption

  1. Get trash from east bathroom.
  2. Find prison trash locked in Studio #5 (and get key from Duncan).
  3. Open yellow lock. (Frees Harold, who gives players a blue key).
  4. Open blue lock. (Frees Beth, who gives players a green key).
  5. Open green lock. (Frees Leshawna, who gives players a red key).
  6. Open red lock. (Frees Heather, who gives players a purple key).
  7. Open purple lock.
  8. Get trash.
  • Opponent in Studio: Robot Prison Guards and Rats
Best Game Ever Studio 6

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

  1. Find six fake body parts in Studio #6.
  2. Find five jars in the southern woods.
  3. Get eels from Chef in Studio #3.
  4. Drop eels in container in Studio #6.
  • Opponent in Studio: Extras in Nurse Costumes.
Best Game Ever Studio 7

The Sand Witch Project

  1. Get ketchup from Geoff and Bridgette in Southern Woods.
  2. Get Corn Syrup from DJ in Studio #4.
  3. Splatter 5 targets in Studio #7 with fake blood.
  • Opponent in Studio: Ghosts
Best Game Ever Studio 8

Masters of Disasters

  1. Get 3 blow-dryers from castmates (Leshawna, Lindsay, and Justin).
  2. Get beans from Studio #3, and give them to Owen so he can cause an "earthquake" with his gas.
  3. Find tape recorder in Studio #8, and give that to Owen as well.
  • Opponent in Studio: Tornadoes
Best Game Ever Studio 9

Full Metal Drama

  1. Get 6 crates from Studio #9.
  2. Find wire in Studio #6.
  3. Get detonator from Explosivo.
  4. Set explosives by fort in Studio #9.
  5. Detonate explosives by Chris.
  6. Recover trunk in Studio #9 and bring it to Chris.
  • Opponent in Studio: Extras in Soldier and Sailor Costumes.

The Aftermath: II

  1. Get DJ's dirty dishes from his trailer.
  2. Talk to DJ in the lot.
  3. Talk to DJ in the kitchen.
  4. Take the picture of bunny in Studio #7.
  5. Give picture to DJ in the kitchen.
  6. Talk to Bridgette about peppers.
  7. Get 5 peppers from Studio #3.
  8. Give peppers to DJ.
  9. Get grinder from Studio #2.
  10. Give grinder to DJ.
  • Opponent in Studio: Opponents in Studios #2, #3, and #7.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

  1. Find 6 go-kart parts from Studio #10.
  2. Get T-Shirt from Owen.
  3. Get grease from Chef.
  4. Get hair gel from Justin.
  5. Get ointment from Beth.
  6. Put greasy T-Shirt in kart parts in Studio #10.
  • Opponent in Studio: Jail Criminals.
  • Note: Courtney returns in this episode, resulting fifteen castmates instead of fourteen.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

  1. Get a bone from Studio #11.
  2. Get dog food from Chef.
  3. Get beef jerky from DJ.
  4. Get perfume from Beth.
  5. Get 6 bones from dogs in Studio #11.
  6. Take bones to Chris.
  • Opponent in Studio: Sabertooth Beavers

Million Dollar Babies

  1. Get barbed wire from Studio #9.
  2. Find 8 pink tires in Studio #8.
  3. Get clothes from Heather.
  4. Take clothes to shredder in Studio #12.
  • Opponents in Studio: Football Players

Dial M for Merger

  1. Get a skunk from the southern woods.
  2. Get spoiled milk from Bridgette.
  3. Get a dead fish from Duncan.
  4. Get 7 clothespins from Studio #13.
  • Opponents in Studio: Evil Masterminds
Best Game Ever Studio 14

Super Hero-ld

  1. Get 5 rolls of spandex from Studio #14.
  2. Get 7 sewing machines from Studio #2.
  3. Get sack of potatoes from Studio #14.
  4. Get dress from Courtney.
  • Opponent in Studio: Super Villains

The Aftermath: III

  1. Find pillow and sheets in Studio #6.
  2. Get 5 lobsters from Studio #3.
  3. Talk to the cast members until one finds Courtney's Courtney's personal digital assistant (from Beth).
  4. Get 6 apples from the southern woods.
  • Opponent in Studio: Opponents in Studios #6, #3, and Bears (in the woods only).

The Princess Pride

  1. Get 3 Wooden Swords from Studio #15.
  2. Get 6 Bandages from Studio #12.
  3. Get Giant Dragon costume from Studio #15.
  4. Take Dragon Costume to Monster in the city to the west.
  • Opponent in Studio: Trolls

Get a Clue

  1. Get fake rubber corpse from Studio #7.
  2. Get bag of Cheese Puffs from Studio #16.
  3. Get 6 cans of soda from Studio #1.
  4. Get walkie-talkies from Studio #9.
  5. Take walkie-talkie to Chef in the kitchen.
  6. Get Detective hat and accessories from Studio #16.
  • Opponent in Studio: Private Eyes

Rock n' Rule

  1. Collect 6 guitars from Studio #17.
  2. Get record in room with star on door in Studio #17.
  3. Get backstage pass from Lindsay.
  4. Get record from Studio #17.
  • Opponent in Studio: Rock Stars

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

  1. Hit gong in Studio #18.
  2. Find bonsai tree in southern woods.
  3. Get teapot from Beth.
  4. Get 5 robot parts in Studio #18.
  • Opponent in Studio: Karatekas

2008: A Space Owen

  1. Get joystick in Studio #18.
  2. Get keyboard from Harold.
  3. Get flux capacitor from Studio #1.
  4. Get 4 piles of sawdust in Studio #7.
  5. Cover 4 piles of vomit with sawdust in Studio #19.
  • Opponents in Studios: UFOs

Top Dog

  1. Get raccoon in Studio #20.
  2. Get a live chameleon in Studio #11.
  3. Get green hairspray from Duncan.
  4. Get a live chameleon from Studio #11 again.
  5. Look for a trained bear (wearing sunglasses) in the southern woods (the bear is locked up).
  6. Talk to Courtney: she gives the player the key to the lock.
  7. Get meat loaf from Chef Hatchet.
  8. Take meat loaf to the man-eating shark with sunglasses in Studio #3.
  9. Get four rabies test results in Studio #20.
  • Opponents in Studios: Bears

Mutiny on the Soundstage

  1. Get a pile of rope from Studio #21.
  2. Get 2 bicycle pumps from Studio #2.
  3. Talk to Chef.
  4. Find Chef's resignation letter in the city.
  5. Get 10 cue cards from Studio #21.
  • Opponents in Studios: Pirates

The Aftermath: IV

  1. Get bag of fan mail from Studio #15.
  2. Get bag of fan mail from Studio #9.
  3. Get bag of fan mail from Studio #16.
  4. Put fan mail into paper shredder in Studio #12.
  5. Get 6 pieces of Chris' luggage from Studio #22.
  6. Get sunscreen from Studio #23.
  • Opponents in Studio #22: Spiders
  • Opponents in Studio #23: None


After completing one of Chris' challenges, players will earn a star. Once a player collects five stars, they will receive a promotion:

  1. Intern
  2. Extra
  3. Stunt Double
  4. Co-Star
  5. Star
  6. Superstar


After players receive a promotion, they will also receive a new weapon:

  1. Tree Branch: Leaf-ful weapon
  2. French Baguette: Prop from 'Night of the Living Bread
  3. Rubber Chicken: Tastes' like, er, rubber
  4. Badminton Racket: It's not badminton, it's good-minton! Heck, it's great-minton!
  5. Giant Marshmallow: The sweetest weapon ever!
  6. Checkered Flag: Finish 'em!

Studio announcements

Every time a new episode of Total Drama Action aired, the studio announcement advertisement would get a new phrase:



  • As of May 2012, the game has been removed from the Cartoon Network website for unknown reasons.
  • Despite being voted off the show, the eliminated cast members remain in the area.
  • When talking to the cast, most of them quote themselves from an episode of Total Drama Action.
  • Beth used to be standing next to the boys' trailer, but now she stands near the restroom with Lindsay.
  • The game has a feature that allows players to make and break alliances with the cast. Originally, it was supposed to be activated on week five. This was changed to week nine.
  • All cast members (excluding Gwen, DJ, Lindsay, Owen, and Justin) that made it to episode seven appeared in studio #5.
    • It is strange that neither Gwen nor Lindsay were locked in a cage or even appeared in the studio despite the fact that they participated in the challenge.
  • The items Chris had the player get during week six were old items from the first season. These included:
  • When buying clothes from Chef's power-up machine, the word "suck" is shown, which is usually censored by Cartoon Network. Also, Chris says "sucker" and Heather calls the Gaffers a "team of morons."
  • The design for the female avatar player loosely resembles Sadie's prototype design and the male is based on Trent and Tyler's design.
  • When the game was first introduced, Heather was wearing her wig. She now appears bald in it as a result of losing it in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
  • Studio #6 is the first studio to have an intersection.
  • When a player opens the Ally section on the main menu, there are fifteen spots for frenemies instead of fourteen, hinting Courtney's return.
  • According to what happened in the game, The Trunk of Mind Blowing Secrets did contain something within it, but the contents were destroyed during the testing of paint bombs. Chris then decided to just let the cast battle for the empty chest. He also tells the player not to tell the cast it's empty.
  • If players become a cast member's frenemy, the picture of them is simply the picture used to show they are their ally, the only differences are that their smile is turn upside down and the border is orange instead of green (the only exceptions are Heather, Trent, and Leshawna's photos).
  • On week twelve, when DJ is in the kitchen, Chef is in the lot instead of DJ.
  • If a cast member asks the player to defeat a certain amount of spiders in a studio, and the player falls for a trap set by a frenemy, the spiders defeated in the trap will still count toward the player's goal (unless the player is in a different studio than their ally instructed them to be in).
  • DJ's secret ingredient is revealed to be paprika. However, this was later revealed in the show during The Aftermath: II.
  • Some characters are used for messages for the game. For example, Gwen is shown on the error message and Duncan appears when a guest is being asked if they want to remain as such.
  • Studio #8 and Studio #23 are the only two studios to have designs on more than just the front. There are cracks on the roof for Studio #8, and there is a Television Antenna and a faded dot on Studio #23.
  • Studio #10 is the first studio to have prop studio buildings in it.
  • Studios #3, #4, and #5 are the only studios to have two types of opponents in them.
  • Studio #17 is the first studio to have a separate room that can be entered.

Gwen on the error screen.

  • Even though Izzy hates Justin, she never pulls pranks on him (Although, if Heather is a frenemy when the player has a task from Izzy, she picks Justin) What's stranger is if both Heather and Justin are frenemies, Izzy's next victim of choice is Beth, someone who Izzy doesn't seem to have a conflict with.
    • This also seems to be the case with the rest of the cast as well. If all cast members are the player's frenemies, they will prank the original target of the member of the player's alliance.
  • The week 16 oil for apple juice prank is similar to the prank Duncan did to Harold in Basic Straining.
  • Sometimes, if the player has just switched genders, when they are attacked, both genders have the same scream.
  • In Studio #14, one half of the super hero's posters resembles Trent's head.
    • Also in Studio #14, the other super hero poster resembles DJ's head.
  • In Studio #14, the super hero stuck in the ground resembles Spider Man.
  • The Bears, Aliens in Studio #1 and Sharks in Studio #3 are the only enemies that make a stomping noise when they move (all other enemies make a skittering noise).
  • In Studio #17, there is a poster with a gray Ezekiel on it.
Picture 34

A gray Ezekiel is on the poster.

  • In Studio #17, the interns are wearing make-up similar to the make-up worn by the American hard rock band, KISS.
  • The Marshmallow stick weapon is similar to the marshmallow boxing gloves in Million Dollar Babies, interestingly enough, the previous weapon, the badminton racket, is also used in that same episode.
  • The description for the badminton racket is a quote from Chris's movie.
  • The kung fu master in Studio #18 is Sasquatchanakwa.
  • The person on top of Studio #17 looks similar to Trent.
  • During week 22, Chris says that the path to victory is "long and twisted, like Heather's wig." This is referencing her second wig.
  • The flux capacitor needed to get in week 23 is a reference to the movie Back to the Future.
  • When the player invites Heather to the party in the finale week, she says that it's the "Best. Idea. Ever," a reference to the game's title.
  • Some of the items Chef's vending machine contains are some items Chris and the campers wore. Some of them are:
  • In the end picture, Duncan's eyes are shown to be wide open, yet in the original picture of Duncan using the same pose, his eyes are at half length. Gwen also has Izzy's large smile.
  • During the pirate challenge, through close inspection, Camp Wawanakwa can be seen in the background:
TDI in the background

Camp Wawanakwa in the background.

  • When the player receives a new weapon, the caption with it will sometimes reference a movie, corresponding to Total Drama Action's main theme:


  • The player could enter Studio #18 through a closed door. However, the glitch seems to be fixed. Adding to this, when someone exited Studio #18, they were shown standing in front of Studio #6. This glitch is now fixed as well.
  • On the advertisement for the game, DJ is seen holding bunny, however he is never seen with Bunny in Total Drama Action. However, a bunny makes an appearance in Studio #7 during week twelve.
    • In addition, Heather is seen with her real hair in the ad as well.
  • In Monster Cash, Chef says that the bear is only on contract for one more day, however in the southern woods, there are multiple bears who are still on the film set.
  • On the third task of Monster Cash challenge, Chris said "Talk to the intern in the northeastern city." However, the city is in the northwestern part of the area. He most likely meant the northeastern part of the city.
  • When the player exits Studio #3 after making the statue of Chris in the X made of shells, they both happen to disappear.
  • When the player beat the tasks Heather gives on week nine she gives the player her wig, but she lost it in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
  • Beth first mentions her 'boyfriend' in Masters of Disasters (which is playable on week 10). However on week nine, she says that she wishes her boyfriend were here so he could make things better. But the episode hasn't aired yet, so players in the United States wouldn't know what she's talking about.
  • When a player is a contestant's frenemy due to the contestant being hurt by pranks by the player, the contestant always sets a trap for the player, and always shouts "This will teach you to play pranks on me!" However, when a player ends up being a contestant's frenemy due to breaking an alliance with them, the same phrase is shouted. However, the player never pulled a prank on the contestant, rather broke an alliance with them.
  • When the player gives the joke victim the poison ivy toilet paper, the player heads to the east bathroom, but when the player reports back to the castmate, the frenemy comes from the west. The same goof occurs in previous weeks, when the player delivers things to Leshawna and Harold. They come from the west, even though they are standing in the east portion of the set.
  • In Studio #4, there is a hole shaped like Harold on the platform. This is strange because in the original challenge, Harold landed correctly on the horse. The only people who missed were Trent and Owen.
  • In the challenge for Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, there are two go-karts, one is green and one is red. However in the game, the player only collects green go-kart parts.
  • For some strange reason, Studios Studio #4, 5 and 6 appear behind Studio #1, 2 and 3. Also the player couldn't enter them despite the fact they are open already. Now the glitch is fixed.
  • In the game, Studio #6 is themed for the episode One Flu Over the Cuckoos. But in the episode, Leshawna walks out of Studio #4 instead of Studio #6.
  • In One Million Bucks, B.C., Heather got a new wig, however she is not seen with it in the area.
  • When getting apples for Chris, the intern says he/she needs to return to Chris after only collecting 3 of the 6 needed. This also happens when getting Chris the cans of soda. After collecting the first can, the player claims he must return to Chris.
  • In Week 21, Chris asks the player to hit the gong in Studio #18. However, there are multiple gongs in the studio.
  • In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Duncan stated that the episode took place at Camp Wawanakwa, it is shown as a studio on Week 22.
  • In Total Drama Action, the castmates easily travel from the Award Ceremonies to the Lame-O-Sine, but they are on the other side of the film lot in the game.
  • On Week 25, when a player talked to Chris, he said, "Week 25." Then he said that the player earned a star and are promoted to superstar (along with getting a flag for a weapon), without actually doing anything. Afterward, he says there isn't a challenge for the player that week. Adding to this, speaking to an ally will automatically add someone to the player's frenemy list. Talk to them again and the player suddenly receives the reward, followed by them not saying anything else important. Finally, after all of this, the new studio is still closed. It may be because of the designers needing more time to sort out glitches. This may even mean that the player is unable to do the challenges, and have an incomplete game. This glitch was fixed, however.
  • After winning the game, the "congratulations card" shows Heather with her normal hair, despite her being bald in Total Drama Action.


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