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The Barf Bag Ceremony statistics article shows statistics of the various Barf Bag Ceremonies in the only season where they appeared, Total Drama World Tour.

Final Barf Bags

These are who the final barf bags went to in each episode:

All other episodes are excluded because there is no elimination ceremony, or no barf bags were given out.


  • B2 | This episode featured two contestants still in danger when the elimination announcement was made (Bottom 2).
  • X | This contestant was eliminated in this episode.
  • + | This contestant was safe in this episode, even though they were in the bottom group.
  • 1 | DJ was supposed to get eliminated, but Harold quit.

Appearances In Bottom Two/Three

5 Times

  • DJ - (Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 - B2, +; Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan - B2, +1; Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better - B2, +; Slap Slap Revolution - B2, +; Can't Help Falling in Louvre - B2, +


  • Ezekiel - (Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 - B2, X)
  • Harold- (Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan - B2, X1)
  • Bridgette - (Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better - B2, X)
  • Leshawna - (Slap Slap Revolution - B2, X)
  • Alejandro - (Awwwwww, Drumheller - B2, +)
  • Cody - (Awwwwww, Drumheller - B2, +)

First Barf Bags

These are who the first Barf Bags went to in these episodes:

All of the other episodes are excluded because there is no elimination ceremony or it was unclear who got the first barf bag.

2 | There were no barf bags handed out, as the ceremony played homage to the Campfire Ceremony, and Sierra got the first marshmallow.

Amount of Barf Bags

These are the number of Barf Bags each contestant earned:

If the Barf Bags appeared in every elimination ceremony (including the fake ones), this would have been the final result:


  • Despite being the immunity symbol, Bridgette, Lindsay, Leshawna, Harold, and DJ, all members of the quickly eliminated Team Victory, are the only contestants to receive barf bags. This is because the barf bags were only presented for the first four eliminations. After that, the contestants are simply told the results of the votes.
  • Ezekiel is the only member of Team Victory to never receive a Barf Bag.
  • Lindsay receives the first barf bag three times in a row, which is more than any other contestant.
  • Slap Slap Revolution is the only episode in which the contestant who got the second barf bag is not the next one to be eliminated.
  • DJ receives the final barf bag five times in a row, more than any other contestant.
    • He is also in the bottom two in every ceremony he is in, becoming the only contestant to ever do so.

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