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Toxic Rats
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDRI: Ice Ice Baby
Place TDRI: 12th
Friends Cameron, Dawn, Sam
Enemies Scott

Beverly "B", labeled The Strong Silent Genius, was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Toxic Rats.


Due to the fact that he has never spoken, lack of background information, and relatively short time on the show, very little is actually known about B. One thing that can be drawn for sure is that his intelligence level is through the roof, and his ingenuity has led to make many impressive creations throughout his short time on the show. He is able to make the best of any situation and overall is a very useful asset to one's team. He comes across as very relaxed in demeanor and proud of his smarts. The exact reason why B never speaks is currently unknown. On some occasions he has opened his mouth but gets cut off. It seems as if he is not totally opposed to it - he just prefers to stay quiet.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


B is introduced.

B makes his first appearance in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! on a yacht bringing the thirteen new contestants in for a new season of Total Drama. He is placed on the Toxic Rats according to when he completes the forest race. B's impressive intellect is presented during the challenge, in which B stacks his teammates on top of each other to reach their totem and cut it down. He later maneuvers his team on the totem as they race down the hill. Although he remains silent during the episode, B manages to communicate with his team by signaling what he needs them to do, with some extra assistance from Dawn. Though his team is the first to arrive at the bottom of the hill, their cabin ends up exploding thanks to the Mutant Maggots, causing them to lose the challenge. In Truth or Laser Shark, during the "getting to know you trivia game", it is revealed that "B" is actually just an abbreviation for his real name, Beverly, which he is embarrassed about. During the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course" relay race, B takes on the third obstacle. Before doing so, Scott procrastinates giving him their team's mascot, a toxic rat, in order for him to continue. Aggravated, B takes the rat from him and goes through his course, only to fall into the mud pit below filled with two mutated beavers. He manages to outsmart them by quickly building a female beaver out of the mud in the area, and afterwards, B manages to pass his team's rat to Sam. After his team loses the challenge, B is put in the bottom two along with Dakota, but they elect to let him stay another week.

Plan B

B comes up with a plan to climb up the mountain.

In Ice Ice Baby, B contemplates the pile of random junk provided to help all the contestants climb up the cliff. Using a chair, a compressed canister, rope, baking soda, and a bit of wiring, B launches himself and his team up to the top, winning the first half of the challenge and making him a primary target for Scott. During the second half, he finds a large slab of ice and carves out a reflective surface to melt the other team's fort. Scott, fearing that they will win the challenge, knocks down the sheet, melting his own team's fort and allowing the revelation of Mike having their flag. Before the vote, Scott convinces the other teammates to vote B off by spreading lies about him and convincing them he is bad news. His plan works when B is eliminated. As he prepares to be catapulted off the island, he appears ready to finally break his silence, but Chris doesn't give him the chance to speak. Along with previous contestants, B returns to the island for the season's finale, Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, in which he roots for Cameron to win, along with the majority of contestants. When the mutated animals are attacking the cast, B is repeatedly punched by a mutant tree squid while Dawn asks why her tea leaves didn't see this coming. B and the other competitors are last seen in a speedboat leaving the island. He laughs alongside everyone else when Chris gets arrested.


Total Drama Reloaded

Like Dawn, B had no original design due to not being a contestant in the original version of the season.

Audition tape

View this video for B's audition tape.

B in his audition tape.

B's audition begins with him riding into a room on a mechanical chair. He presses a button and a hand appears from the chair, brushing his teeth, cleaning his shoes, and putting on his cap for him. He then tries to speak, but his mechanical brother comes in, asking him a question, which B seems to allow him to do. He then tries to speak again, but the battery in the camera dies, ending the tape.


  • B was the only second generation contestant who did not appear in the original version of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • B doesn't speak, making him the only contestant not to have a voice actor.
    • He is, however, heard screaming after being launched in the Hurl of Shame, but it's unknown who voiced the scream.
  • B seems to reference Silent Bob from the 1994 comedy film, Clerks, and many other Kevin Smith movies. His name ("Silent" B) as well as many parts of his design and the fact he doesn't speak are similar to Silent Bob.
  • As revealed in "Truth or Laser Shark", B stands for Beverly, which he seems to be embarrassed about, as Beverly is traditionally a female name.
  • B is one of the five characters who is known by their nickname, the others being DJ, Blaineley, Lightning, and Samey.
  • B is the first male contestant in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island to be in the bottom two at an elimination ceremony, and the first male to be eliminated.
  • B, Alejandro, Duncan, and Lightning are the only male contestants in the series to wear earrings.
  • B's design is very similar to DJ's Camp TV design, who is also one of the past interns from the show.
  • B is one of three contestants to not speak in the episode he was eliminated in. The others are Justin in Not Quite Famous and Leshawna in Haute Camp-ture.
  • B, Chef HatchetLightningJustinCameron, and Leonard are the only males to have prominent lips.


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