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Anne Maria
Mutant Maggots
NewAnne MariaHQ
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDRI: A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Place TDRI: 8th
Relationship Ezekiel (one-sided attraction on his side)
Vito (ended)
Friends Cameron
Enemies Chris, Ezekiel (one-sided on her side), Jo, Scott, Staci, Zoey
Voiced by Athena Karkanis

Anne Maria, labeled The Jersey Shore Reject, was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Mutant Maggots.


Anne Maria is a tough, cocky, and sassy girl who is all about the looks. She even admits that while she wants to win the prize money, she will back out if it involves sacrificing her appearance. She is obsessed with her hairspray and spray tan, keeping the cans in her pouffe at all times. This accessibility allows her to attack with her hairspray when the matter calls for it. Anne Maria is quite aggressive and will unhesitatingly engage in a fight with anyone who gets on her nerves. Despite this, she is not inherently villainous and does not seek to cause trouble. Her attraction to Vito indicates that she looks for similar personality traits in a guy, as well as a built physique. She is very sociable, saying in her biography that she would invite everyone to one of her parties. Anne Maria typically isn't her team's most useful asset, although she usually tries to be otherwise. She is materialistic and has limited mental strength, but she is willing to face a problem head-on so long as she doesn't have to risk ruining her appearance, especially her hair.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Anne Maria Big, Bad, Brutal Ep1

Anne Maria pushes Cameron away and attempts to help her team in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!.

Anne Maria is introduced in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! on a yacht along with the twelve other contestants. She is first seen giving herself a spray tan, stating that three more coats should do. She is then pushed by Dakota who is angry that the camera panned away from her. In response, Anne Maria attacks Dakota with her hair spray, then attacks Staci when she attempts to brag about one of her ancestors who invented suntan. She is angered by Chris after he blows up the boat they arrived in and declares he will get a "beat down." A short time later, Anne Maria's hair is shown to be rock solid as Cameron flies into her and stops dead cold on her hair. She is the eleventh contestant to make it to the forest where she is placed on "Team B," later named the Mutant Maggots. During the challenge, Anne Maria attempts to get to the totem by using the trampoline they were given. She repeatedly jumps on the trampoline only to hit the bottom of the totem each time and finally stopped after Jo kicked the trampoline from under her, making her hit the ground. Later on, She has her first confessional, stating that she does not want to win the million dollars at the expense of her looks, which she suggests is easily worth a billion. She is annoyed by Brick's cries for help when he is hanging from the totem pole and is shown to be confused by Mike when he goes through a personality change, not realizing of his condition. Although she and her team reach their cabin last, they win immunity with the Toxic Rats' cabin destroyed.

Mutant maggot

Anne Maria is handed a mutant maggot.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Anne Maria gives her hair its daily maintenance, leading Zoey to ask how she snuck the items into the camp. she replies that she hid things in her pouffe, and demonstrates by putting her blow dryer there. Later on, Anne Maria asks B what he thinks the next challenge will be, but becomes irritated when he fails to answer. During the first part of the challenge, she agrees with Scott's refusal to partake with the challenge and tries to leave. When the second challenge starts, she is paired against Lightning and successfully hands the maggot off to Brick. However she falls off the obstacle course, due to the vision distorting glasses she's forced to wear.

Anne Maria IIB4

Anne Maria accidentally punches Brick.

Anne Maria is once again seen spraying her hair while eating in Ice Ice Baby. When she notices that Cameron is caught up in the spray, she apologizes for accidentally spraying him, however, she tells him that his lungs should be waterproof now. During the challenge, she refuses to climb the cliff because she recently did her nails, however, Jo insults her style which causes her to climb up to her in rage where she tries to punch Jo, but hits Brick instead. During the second part of the challenge Anne Maria does not want to participate, but Jo makes her go by throwing her hairspray out of the fort. She runs out and finds the can of hairspray, and is unaffected by the snowballs hitting her. Seeing this, Brick and Zoey use her hair as a shield from the snowballs. When they reach the Rat's fort, Anne Maria becomes smitten with Vito, and the two begin to flirt. Her team wins the challenge due to Scott's scheming.

Finders Creepers (29)

Anne Maria makes out with Vito.

In Finders Creepers, Anne Maria seems worried about Brick and is upset when Jo calls him dead weight. She gets excited when she notices that Mike has gone into his Vito personality and they proceed to to flirt again. Jo yells at her to use the key on the coffin and she does, which causes the coffin to spring up and hit her. Later, Anne Maria is shown making out with Vito, and only stops once Cameron yells at them to quit it. As Sam and Scott are walking by, Anne Maria trips them, causing them to get captured by the spider. She then tells Vito to get the hook so they'll win, which he does not respond to. Seeming somewhat annoyed, she tells Vito that if he gets the hook, she'll make out with him again. Zoey then yells at Anne Maria to get her lips off him, to which she responds that Vito is only interested in classy girls. At the elimination ceremony, she is shocked when she finds out Brick is switching teams.

Anne Maria BA 1

Vito puts suntan lotion on Anne Maria.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Anne Maria's hairbrush goes missing, and when she confronts the others about this, Scott blames Brick for stealing their things, angering Anne Maria. During the first part of the challenge, Anne Maria notices Zoey standing on the pump that allows air to Jo, and pushes her away. Zoey falls on Mike and his shirt is ripped off in the process, causing Vito to return once more. Anne Maria and Vito then begin to flirt again, upsetting Zoey. During the second part of the challenge, Anne Maria is chosen to water-ski along with Mike and Cameron. After they win, Anne Maria threatens Dawn, when Scott tricks her and the others into believing that she stole their possessions.

At the beginning of Runaway Model, Anne Maria is shown in the washroom alongside Jo and Zoey, where she insults the latter's hair style. At the explanation of the challenge, Anne Maria gets into a fight with Jo after she says that fashion is a waste of time. Later, after her team decides to use a maggot as their model, Anne Maria decides to dress it as a rapper, her team dislikes the idea, and Zoey changes it, much to Anne Maria's annoyance. During the fashion show, Anne Maria halfheartedly describes the maggot's outfit, clearly unhappy about doing so. She later helps Jo with her makeup, in order to rescue Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, but is pushed away by Chester, not being able to complete Jo's makeup.

A mine is a terrible thing to waste losers

Anne Maria quits, unaware her diamond is worthless.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Anne Maria does little during the challenge, aside from panicking when her Geiger detector turns to orange. When Mike turns into his new personality, Manitoba Smith, Anne Maria believes that it was Vito at first and jumped into his arms, excited. Later, after her, Zoey, and Scott fell into a lake at the end of a mine cart track, Anne Maria is angry at Scott for falling on top of her. Soon after, she is jumped by a shadowed figured and pushed underwater, not coming back up. It's later revealed that she was kidnapped by Ezekiel, still in his feral state, who tries to woo her by giving her gifts. This does not effect her until Ezekiel gives her a giant diamond, to which she immediately became infatuated with. When Scott tries to throw the challenge by throwing the Chris statue away, it instead lands in Anne Maria's pouffe and secures the win for her team. At the end of the episode, even with her teams victory, Anne Maria decides to quit the competition so that she could cash in the giant diamond from the challenge. Chris, however, tells her that the gem was actually made of cubic zirconium, and thus was worthless. Upon hearing this, Anne Maria changes her mind, but is launched from the Hurl of Shame before she is allowed to get off.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, when Mike's shirt gets caught in one of the branches, Vito appears and calls for Anne Maria, not knowing that she had quit the game.

In Grand Chef Auto, Scott causes Vito to appear. Once again he asks what had happened to Anne Maria. Scott agrees to show him if he gives him a tow, which turned out to be false.

Anne Maria Episode 13

Anne Maria in the finale with Ezekiel trying to kiss her.

Anne Maria is seen again in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, supporting Cameron as the winner. She is seated next to Mike and Zoey and is angrily glaring at them, clearly jealous of Zoey and resenting Mike for not choosing her. When the mutant animals are released and the arena is thrown into chaos, she is attacked by a mutant squirrel who shoots a laser into her hair. She is rescued from the squirrel by Ezekiel. When he attempts to kiss her, she screams and Cameron knocks Ezekiel out with Lightning's frying pan, saving her. Anne Maria thanks Cameron and hides the hole in her hair with hairspray. When Cameron wins she cheers for him with the others. Anne Maria is last seen laughing at Chris on the boat with Chef and the other contestants as Chris gets arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Total Drama Reloaded

Anne Maria Original

Anne Maria's original design.

In Anne Maria's original design, her skin was much paler than it currently is. Her jeans were a darker shade of blue, and her top was shorter and dark gray. The frills on her current top, which is now pink, are also taken from the design of Zoey in Total Drama Reloaded. Her lipstick was originally bright red, but is now dark pink. She also lacked the violet eyeliner that she now wears. Also, the belt on her pants was originally gray, and is now pink.

Audition tape


Anne Maria tries to prove that the show needs her.

View this video for Anne Maria's audition tape.

In her audition, Anne Maria states her name, and that she'd never watched "Total Drama Rama whatever," until her friends made her sit through "one of those singing episodes," and knew that the show needed her. She then starts singing, and when she hits a high note, the camera lens cracks, ending the audition.


  • Anne Maria is a parody of Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, including her label as The Jersey Shore Reject and her overall features physically resembling Snooki.
  • During her audition, Anne Maria talks about her friends making her watch one of "those singing episodes," implying that she has watched Total Drama World Tour. This makes her one of three characters known to have watched the third season prior to competing, the others being Cameron and Ella.
  • Anne Maria is currently the only newcomer, and the only female, to quit the competition.
    • She is also the fourth contestant overall to quit the competition, the others being DJ, Duncan, and Harold.
  • Anne Maria, along with Ezekiel, Noah, Blaineley, Amy, Beardo, and Staci, is one of seven contestants to never receive a symbol of immunity.
  • Anne Maria is the only member of the Mutant Maggots to only be on one team, as the others were either in Total Drama All-Stars or had a team switch during the season.
  • Anne Maria is one of only two members of the Mutant Maggots to not compete in Total Drama All-Stars, the other being Brick.
  • Anne Maria is one of thirteen contestants never to be voted out normally, the others being Amy, Cameron, DJ, Ella, Jasmine, Max, Mike, Scarlett, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, and Zoey.
  • According to her Total Drama Revenge of the Island biography, Anne Maria's favorite colour is purple because its "dreamy".
    • Also stated in her biography is that Anne Maria's favorite movies are Just Carried and Gigantic.
    • It is also stated that Anne Maria loves techno music and that her favorite food is gelato.
  • Anne Maria is one of the six female contestants to have more than one boy attracted to her, the others being HeatherGwenCourtney, Bridgette, and Jasmine.


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