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Throughout the show, many contestants have made or joined an alliance to benefit themselves or to eliminate others.


Regatta alliance handshake

Mike (Mal) and Alejandro decide on an alliance.

  • Alejandro's alliances: Alejandro made several temporary alliances with the other contestants but is insincere in the promises that he makes and often ends up backstabbing them for his personal gain. His methods involve him pretending to help his fellow contestants with their problem but once they have their guard down, Alejandro will then make his move and eliminate them. In Total Drama World Tour, he made alliances with Tyler, Duncan and Heather while also pretends to help Cody, Courtney and DJ. In Total Drama All-Stars, he and Heather temporarily team up though it is revealed that they are actually trying to get rid of the other. He also tries to form an alliance with Mike but found out that he is not what he seems in the next episode.
Deal bro

Cameron and Lightning form a short-lived alliance.


Chef forcing DJ to form an alliance with him.

  • Chef Hatchet's alliances: This includes the two separate alliances in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. Chef Hatchet approaches DJ about possibly forming an alliance. In exchange for toughening DJ up to make him a better contestant, DJ would give Chef half the prize money if he were to win. The alliance ends as DJ admits to being apart of the secret alliance and teaming up with Chef in The Sand Witch Project, and then quits the show. The second alliance is with Blaineley, and is formed in Chinese Fake-Out. Blaineley, who had joined the competition in the previous episode, tells Chef that if he helps her and secretly gives her unfair advantages in the challenges, she will split some of her money with him if she wins. Chef is worried about forming another illegal alliance mainly due to the punishment he will receive if he is caught. But ultimately, he agrees to it, possibly due to Blaineley's flirting. Thus, he helps her in both the episode's challenges. However, they were soon discovered, and Blaineley is eliminated in that episode, ending the alliance.
Chris using Owen

Chris brings back Owen to the competition to have him as his spy.

  • Chris' alliance: This alliance was formed by Chris before Rock n' Rule. Chris let Owen return after finding out that Owen's family is in debt due to buying a cheese cellar, but under the condition that he would sabotage the contestants. Unfortunately, Owen's guilty conscience does not help with his antagonistic ways, which in the end gets him fired, thus ending this alliance. There is a second alliance Chris makes with a contestant similarly to the original, this time with Ezekiel. In the episode I See London..., Chris cut a deal with Ezekiel: If he could avoid getting captured in the challenge, and in return, capture all of the contestants one-by-one, Ezekiel would be allowed to return to the game. Ezekiel failed to do this, however, when he was captured by Owen (and technically Noah), and Chris promptly had Chef throw Ezekiel off the plane.
TDWT5 03

Courtney agrees to vote off Heather with Gwen next time their team loses.

  • Courtney and Gwen's alliance: This alliance was formed in Broadway, Baby!. Despite Courtney and Gwen having a dislike for each other, they both hated Heather even more. Thus, Gwen offered to help Courtney eliminate Heather the first chance they'd get, to which Courtney eagerly agreed. The two became friends through this alliance, and often took part in teasing Heather about their ganging up on her, such as in Slap Slap Revolution. The alliance finally got its chance in The Am-AH-Zon Race, when Team Amazon lost the challenge and finally had the chance to eliminate Heather. Courtney and Gwen had to enlist the help of Sierra to secure a three-out-of-five majority vote against her, which Sierra reluctantly agreed to. Thus, Heather received the most votes and would've been eliminated, but Chris decided to suddenly declare it a fake elimination ceremony just to save Heather, who he likes. The alliance never got another chance, as it, along with Courtney and Gwen's friendship, was completely destroyed in Greece's Pieces, and afterwards they tried to form other alliances else to vote each other out.

Courtney tries to bribe Beth into joining her alliance.

  • Courtney's first alliance: This alliance was formed by Courtney in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. She points out to Beth that the girls are outnumbered by the guys (two to three) and throughout the episode tries to get Beth to join the alliance. Courtney says that she will do anything to get Beth in an alliance with her, so she offers Beth snacks and does tasks for her, like cooking the poisonous fish. At the end of the episode Beth finally agrees to the alliance. In 2008: A Space Owen Courtney and Beth's alliance continues. But during the final space movie challenge, Courtney makes a questionable decision by deciding to do the challenge last. After it turns out that doing the challenge last would be worse. Courtney and Beth have a falling out for the rest of the episode and continue to argue with each other. In the end, they end the girls' alliance. 
  • Courtney's second alliance: This alliance was formed in The EX-Files, and briefly hinted in Greece's Pieces. Following Courtney's devastation at Duncan dumping her for Gwen, she and Heather teamed up to eliminate Gwen and eventually Duncan. They constantly insulted Gwen throughout the episode in which it was formed, even making death threats against her for what she did and constantly vowing to see that their plan succeeded. They enlisted the help of Sierra, who also strongly disliked Gwen for her actions with Duncan, and saw her as an interference between her and Cody. The alliance was brought into question, however, when Courtney began throwing challenges in order to send Team Amazon to the Barf Bag Ceremony, so that Gwen could be eliminated. Heather disapproved of this, saying that winning was more important than losing Gwen. She wanted to remain true to the alliance due to her rivalry with Gwen, but ultimately turned on Courtney due to her getting sick of them losing because of her. She and Gwen voted for Courtney in Picnic at Hanging Dork, while Courtney and Sierra voted for Gwen. Cody voted for Sierra, resulting in a tie, thus forcing Gwen and Courtney to participate in a tie-breaker challenge. Courtney won, and Gwen was eliminated. With its sole target gone, the alliance was dissolved.
  • Duncan and Heather's alliance: In the Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Duncan decides he needs an alliance so he teams up with Heather. Duncan tells Heather that he'll take them into the final two. When Heather gets paralyzed, she forces Duncan to clean the bathroom for her. This alliance seemingly only lasted one episode, but it was briefly mentioned by Heather in Are We There Yeti? when Duncan was eliminated.
  • Gwen and Owen's alliance: In the I Triple Dog Dare You! semi-final competition, Gwen decided to ally herself with Owen and asked him to help her take down Heather once and for all promising him half of her prize money if she wins or a box of donuts if Owen won. Owen agreed and gave half of his freebies to Gwen. It worked and Heather was finally eliminated from the competition as she could not complete a dare.

Heather's alliance starts.

  • Heather's alliances: Heather was the first contestant to make an alliance in Total Drama. Her plan was to take two other campers and try to get to the final three with them. She chose Lindsay and Beth due to Lindsay's stupidity and Beth's desperation. Heather made it clear though that she is the leader of the group. She mostly abuses her role as such by making her alliance do stuff that involved nothing of the challenges. This caused Beth to quit her alliance. Later in the show, Izzy joins for unknown reasons, although quits soon afterward without much of a complaint from Heather. After the bike race though, Lindsay lost because of Heather and had to go off the island. It is revealed before Lindsay left though that Heather never really liked her or anyone who was in her alliance. Heather may have had another alliance with Harold in Total Drama Action, though with her elimination, it ended. Heather attempted to start up another alliance in Total Drama World Tour with Sierra. Though as of The Am-AH-Zon Race, when Sierra attempted to vote for Heather, it may have ended.
Guy's Pact

Jo forms a "guys' pact" with Lightning in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

  • Jo's alliances: Jo never officially formed a first alliance with Brick, but mentioned that he would do whatever she wanted and referred to him as a "peon," showing that she is confident in his loyalty. After Brick started standing up to her, Jo figured that Brick was becoming too strong and formed her first official alliance with Lightning and voted Brick out in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. After their alliance held strong until the merge, Jo noticed that Lightning was not listening to her and pondered if he had outlived his usefulness. After betraying him by pushing him towards Fang, the alliance was dissolved. Jo formed her next alliance with Cameron and was fighting for his loyalty with Lightning. After ridiculing him throughout the episode, Cameron betrayed Jo by voting her off alongside Lightning, ending their alliance.
  • Justin's unofficial alliance: In Beach Blanket Bogus, Justin admits in the confessional that he will try to manipulate Beth's feelings and use her to make it to the finals. This may also involve Lindsay and Owen. However, this alliance never took hold, since the girls were able to break their obsession with Justin before he wanted to use them. This alliance was never considered official, but they influenced the outcomes and eliminations of Total Drama Action.
Get along

Leshawna tries to convince Harold and Duncan to join her second alliance.

  • Leshawna's alliance: This is an alliance in Total Drama Action. Leshawna asks Duncan and Harold to be in an alliance with her in the episode One Flu Over the Cuckoos. Harold refused to join an alliance with Duncan, claiming he's a "worthless punk," though he admitted that, if Duncan were not to be in the alliance, he would agree to join. Duncan just laughs at the idea and jokes about it, angering Leshawna. Leshawna's motivation for forming this alliance is to "keep Heather off her back," as Leshawna's only other defenses against Heather were Bridgette and Gwen, who were both eliminated in past episodes. With Heather eliminated in Million Dollar Babies, Leshawna tried again to form an alliance between the three in Dial M for Merger, but with a new motivation: To make it to the final three. Harold and Duncan still refused to work together until Leshawna told them to cooperate just to get closer to the million dollar prize. Harold and Duncan reluctantly form the alliance with Leshawna. This alliance ends quickly with Leshawna's elimination in the next episode, courtesy of the second guys' alliance.
  • Mal's unofficial alliances: While posing as Mike, Mal made a few alliances in Total Drama All-Stars, though almost all of them are short-lived. In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, he seemingly accepted Cameron and Zoey's proposition for an alliance, but did not participate in their allegiance. In the same episode, he meets with Alejandro in private and offers to form an alliance with him to which Alejandro accepts though suspicious of his motive. However, Alejandro found out that Mal is framing him in the next episode, ending their partnership. Meanwhile, Mal convinces Cameron to kiss Courtney, under the impression of pulling Scott into partnering with them. After Cameron is eliminated, Mal continue to ally with Zoey for the next few episodes, sweet talking her into believing everything he says. He also temporarily team up with Scott in The Bold and the Booty-ful before betraying him later that episode.

The guys form their first alliance.


The Axis of Evil.

  • Axis of Evil: A three-team alliance formed by the Ice Dancers, the Police Cadets and the Daters during the Superteam challenge in Ca-Noodling. The name was accidentally given by Sanders after her advice made Josee and MacArthur sabotage the other three teams. It is also sometimes known as "Team Evil." Jacques manages to find a branded catfish, which allowed all three teams to skip the next challenge and advance to the Chill Zone, tying for first. After the challenge is over, the three teams opt to retain their alliance though they secretly plan to turn against one another once they have the chance. While the Axis of Evil is still mentioned in the next few episodes, the three teams were no longer allies.


  • Eva, Katie, Sadie, and Trent are the only veteran contestants so far to have never been a part of any alliance.
  • Heather's alliance with Sierra is the only alliance that is formed off-screen.
  • Justin is the only contestant to lead two alliances at the same time.

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