Aliens, referred to as "Facehoggers" by Blaineley, are extraterrestrial creatures that debut in The EX-Files. They also make a minor appearance in Aftermath Aftermayhem during one of the challenges to have a chance to return to the competition.

Total Drama World Tour


An alien electrocutes Alejandro and Duncan.

Aliens are featured in the Area 51 challenge in The EX-Files. Two of them appear out of a box that falls off the roof of the room where Owen is given his clownish makeover. When Tyler first sees them, he says "Don't probe me, bro!"

At first, the aliens appear to be friendly, but they cling onto Tyler and Alejandro's faces and begin electrocuting them. Duncan kills the alien attached to Tyler's face by punching it. Duncan only agrees to remove Alejandro's alien if he agrees not to vote him off during the elimination ceremony. They manage to capture the alien after it gets off of Alejandro's face and electrocutes Owen. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot tries to bring the surviving alien to Chris, but Tyler, who is carrying the alien while Alejandro and Duncan carry an unconscious Owen, is too busy gloating about winning. He forgets about the landmines and one of them explodes on his feet, sending him flying to Chris and injuring him in the process. The alien inside the box is killed due to impact of the fall. Team Amazon wins the challenge by bringing the alien's box to Chris, which happens when Courtney trips Gwen in an attempt to lose.


Noah dodges lasers in the Area 51 challenge, as the aliens watch him.

The aliens reappear in Aftermath Aftermayhem when Blaineley brings them in as part of the "Total Drama World Tour second-chance challenge." In this episode, they are referred to as "Facehoggers" by Blaineley. When it is Noah's turn, he lands on the Area 51 square and is tasked to dodge high-speed lasers without moving off the square he is standing on. Once Noah steps off the square after being hit by a laser, the two aliens chase him and latch onto his face as a penalty for losing the challenge.



Tyler and an alien touching fingers referencing a scene in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

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