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This article focuses on the interactions between Alejandro and Heather.



Alejandro and Heather in the cargo hold.

Heather develops an attraction towards Alejandro during the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, and as the season continues, Alejandro begins to reciprocate these feelings. While most of the girls are smitten with Alejandro, Heather is the only one to be fully aware that he's manipulating them and denies sharing any of the same kind of attraction. He often compliments and flirts with her, noticeably more than he does with other female contestants, to which Heather often responds with disgust.

As the season progresses, Heather begins to fall for Alejandro with much deeper feelings than the other girls, and Alejandro, in turn, starts falling for Heather. By the end of Total Drama World Tour, it is clear that Heather and Alejandro have the same feelings for each other. Both made it to the final two in Hawaiian Punch, where they confess their feelings for each other and share their first kiss. However, Heather (well known for her greed and countless amounts of betrayals) betrayed him by kneeing him in the groin and tossing him off of the volcano, saying that "boys are okay, but a million dollars is way better."

Prior to Total Drama All-Stars, Heather reveals that her relationship with Alejandro is over. The two of them are placed on the same team, where they continue arguing. Despite this, both Alejandro and Heather are shown to still harbor feelings for each other, although they both continue to deny it. By the sixth episode, they both try to eliminate each other. Heather convinced everyone to vote for Alejandro, but he stole her idol and eliminated her. They finally become a couple in The Final Wreck-ening, making out and mostly resolving their differences.

Total Drama Action

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Heather is mad at Alejandro in the episode because she thinks he is going to replace her and all of the other Total Drama cast members with the "Total Drama Dirtbags" cast. Their first one-on-one interaction is during the climactic high-speed bus chase scene, when Alejandro tells her that she'll regret messing with him. She replies with a laugh, telling him that he messed with the wrong reality show cast. Later, when fifteen members of the cast along with Sierra are rescued and brought back to the craft services tent, Heather asks Chris about Alejandro and his role in "Total Drama Dirtbags" to which Alejandro raises an eyebrow with an otherwise unamused look.

Total Drama World Tour


Heather and Alejandro in the opening sequence.

Opening sequence

In the opening sequence, Alejandro helps Heather climb onto the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Once she reaches the top, he flashes a grin at her, while she glares at him in response.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

In the confessional, Heather states that she could see right through Alejandro and his "tactics" and that states that he looks like a threat to her. She also becomes embarrassed in the cockpit confessional when Chef rambled on about Alejandro's attractiveness, making her switch to the bathroom confessional in order to ignore him. When returning to her rant, Heather ends up calling him "Ale-whatever."


Alejandro blows Heather a kiss.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Heather seems to be falling for Alejandro during the episode, as seen by several of her confessional comments. An example was when she called him "perfect," which she regretted saying after asking herself what Alejandro's deal is, before grunting out of aggravation. Alejandro also blew a kiss at Heather, in response to her sticking her tongue out at him after successfully taking Sierra from his team for Izzy. Heather seemed to be somewhat shocked and slightly flattered by this, but quickly got a hold of herself and ignored him. In the final confessional of the episode, Alejandro specifically states on his villainous nature by stating "compared to me, Heather's a saint," knowing of her previous actions in particular.

Broadway, Baby!

TDWT Episode 2 Part 2.flv snapshot 01.08 -2010.07.05 19.34.29-

Heather's mind strays onto the subject of Alejandro while in the confessional.

After blocking his attempt at bribing Sierra with snacks from first-class, Alejandro admits in the confessional that Heather is "good" as he realizes her plan to align with Sierra, Chris' "pet," at the time.

TDWT5 08

Alejandro admits Heather is a good contestant.

Moments after, Heather and the rest of Team Amazon emerge from the same pipe. Later in the challenge, after Heather realizes that Alejandro has been messing with Sierra's head, she switches Alejandro's baby carriage that contains Noah in it with an actual baby carriage containing a real baby. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot ends up making it to the finish line, but realizes what Heather had done, so thus, they have to run back and swap the carriages again in order to regain Noah and the correct carriage. When the team returns, however, they realize that they have lost and Heather's team has already won. Alejandro nods his head at Heather, acknowledging that her plan was a good one. However, once it is announced that the challenge is a reward challenge, Heather becomes angry, and even more so when Alejandro blows a kiss to her.

Slap Slap Revolution

Leshawna accuses Heather of being jealous because Alejandro is paying more attention to her, Heather then insists that she dislikes him very much. Despite this, Heather is shown throughout the episode to be visibly upset with Alejandro flirting with Leshawna. When Leshawna beats Heather up towards the end of the second challenge, Alejandro is very concerned, and purposely loses the challenge to make sure that she is okay. In Heather's final confessional of the episode, she starts to compliment him, before cutting herself off mid-sentence, realizing what she had said. Towards the end of the episode, Heather demands to know why he took a dive, though Alejandro avoids the question by flirting with her again which she is clearly annoyed by.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Amazon alejandro heather elimination ceremony

Alejandro taunts Heather about her possibly getting eliminated.

When Team Amazon was at their very first elimination ceremony, Alejandro sneaked up to Heather, who was sitting at the very end of the bleachers and away from the others, and tried to cheer her up with fake sympathy, stating that the game would be so much easier for him after her departure. Heather, unfazed by the insult, revealed that she knew that Alejandro manipulated Leshawna, and possibly Bridgette. She then threatened him, stating that he was lucky that he didn't attempt to fool her. Alejandro then smugly replied by telling her that, with the temptation of a kiss, even she couldn't resist him forever. Both parties leaned closer to each other, and Heather angrily told Alejandro that she would have crushed him. Alejandro was taken aback by Heather's comment, but before he could speak further, Chris began the ceremony and Alejandro vanished. Later, after Heather was saved from elimination, due to the challenge being a non-elimination, she stated in the confessional that, after making her teammates pay for their attempt to vote her off, she would crush Alejandro for dessert.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

At the beginning of the episode, both Heather and Alejandro are sitting in the economy-class section with their teammates. Heather sarcastically asks Alejandro if he is having trouble controlling his team, in order to irritate him. He smugly calls her attempt to anger him "cute." Heather replies by stating that her team is strong and never gets distracted by boys. Alejandro then smirks before pointing at Sierra, who is on the floor sobbing over Cody's vote against her, eating straight from an ice cream tub with her hands.

Newf Kids on the Rock

Newfoundland heather give me that tape

Heather regrets complimenting Alejandro and attempts to take the tape of the camera to remove the evidence.

At the beginning at the episode, Heather is seen crawling into the air vents for no apparent reason. Courtney stated that if she didn't know better, she would have thought that Heather had a crush on Alejandro. Both she and Gwen made fun of Heather by stating that she was "in love," and Heather insisted that she wasn't. Afterwards, Heather was lurking around in the vents to gather information and see if Alejandro's team was trying to make an alliance with DJ, who was the only remaining member on his team. After hearing of DJ's plans to lose the next challenge, she accidentally fell out of her hiding spot, and Alejandro teased her by asking if she was spying on them. Heather denied the accusation and covered it up by stating that she had merely dropped her pen, and that she was "just scribbling."

Later on, Heather gave DJ a cushion from first-class that she had carried out of the plane so he wouldn't drown, and asked him for an alliance afterward. Alejandro was shocked, and asked Heather why she was asking him now. Heather replied by calling him jealous, but Alejandro merely said that she would have asked for an alliance before giving him the cushion, as a form of bribery. Heather realized her mistake, and in the confessional, stated that Alejandro was "good" and let out a romantic sigh. However, she quickly noticed what she had done and demanded that she gets the tape back, not wanting her feelings for Alejandro to be seen. After Heather did not object to Courtney's plan, Gwen stated in the confessional that Heather shouldn't let her "obvious crush" on Alejandro get in the way of the game. Then, when Heather got DJ to the second part of the challenge before anyone else, Alejandro complimented her, calling her "ambitious one." When Alejandro learned Heather put Owen's socks in the clam chowder his team won, he is seen in the confessional brushing his teeth and ranting the words "Malvada bruja! Malditos incompetentes!" which roughly translates to "Wicked Witch! Damned incompetent!"

Jamaica Me Sweat


Alejandro retorts to Heather's taunts.

In economy class, Heather complained about Alejandro, and how he was probably making DJ feel welcome in first class, calling him a jerk. During the challenge, right before Heather took a dive into the water, Alejandro complimented her perfect diving form. This caused Heather to lose focus and land hard on the water. He apologized in a teasing tone, and she growled back at him as her body sank into the water. When Alejandro saved Gwen from the eels and took the gold from her, Heather ran up to him and snatched it back, causing him to yell in surprise and Heather to apologize in the same teasing tone he had used previously. Unlike Heather's reaction, Alejandro stated that he deserved it, smiling. Heather later on smirked at Alejandro and asked him how it felt to be "toast" when his team was behind in the "Bobsled of Death" challenge. Alejandro retorted by stating that he didn't know, as he hadn't been "toasted" yet.

I See London...


Heather and Alejandro smiling at each other.

At the beginning of the episode, Heather noticed that Alejandro was missing when she and the rest of the cast was on the double-decker bus. After Chris announced he was caught by Jack the Ripper, Heather asked Courtney and Gwen if they thought he was okay, showing concern over his disappearance. However, she quickly added that his absence would be good for the team, covering up what she had said earlier. She then asked if they should try and find him, but Gwen and Courtney just laughed the idea off.

Greece's Pieces

Great in gold

Heather warns Alejandro that she's going to defeat him.

After Chris left the common area, announcing that they were going to Greece, and re-creating the Olympics, Alejandro and Heather began to taunt each other about their teams' superiority. When Heather slapped her forehead after Sierra attacked Courtney out of anger towards Courtney insulting Cody, Alejandro mocks Heather on her team being fierce and their inability to cooperate on fighting his team. Later on in the episode, Chris stated that because Alejandro and Heather had not yet competed, they had to compete against each other in a hurdles race. Heather shot Alejandro a smug smile and bragged about how she was very flexible. To her surprise, Alejandro proved to be more flexible than her by splitting his legs apart while tying his hair in a ponytail with his feet. As they competed, Alejandro taunted Heather and showed off during the race while she looked at him in annoyance. Eventually, Alejandro lost concentration and crashed into a hurdle, which cost him the race and Heather cheered herself on for being victorious over Alejandro in the race.

Picnic at Hanging Dork


Alejandro jealous at Duncan because Heather is flirting with him.

In the economy class section, Alejandro began to talk to his remaining teammates: Duncan and Owen, about how Team Amazon was only powerful because they had both Courtney and Heather. He began to scheme ways to break them apart, causing Owen to suggest that Alejandro should act as if he was crushing on Heather and then eliminate her; similar to how he did with Bridgette and Leshawna. Moments later, Duncan suggested flirting with Courtney so Heather would get jealous, knowing that Heather was "into" Alejandro. Later on, Heather started to get annoyed by Alejandro when he flirted with Courtney, but she figured out his plan and attempted to flirt with Duncan as a way of getting back at him. Courtney later asked Heather if there was anything going on between Alejandro and her, resulting in Heather quickly denying the suggestion, regardless of the fact that she was visibly upset with Alejandro flirting with Courtney. Even later on, Alejandro was shown to be perplexed in the confessional, when he witnessed Heather flirting with Duncan. He began to worry, stating that Heather had never used flirtation before, but then assured himself that she wasn't really in love with Duncan, adding that she did not have "true passion" in her eyes when doing so, although he did not seem entirely convinced by that. When Heather helped Duncan up and flirted with him again, Alejandro was visibly upset, as he gasped in surprise before quickly turning his head the other way, in order to focus less on Duncan and Heather, and more on the game, as well as seducing Courtney.

Sweden Sour


A jealous Heather watches Alejandro and Courtney flirt with each other.

At the beginning of the episode, Heather is jealous of Alejandro's flirting with Courtney and tries to get his attention by saying that she must have accidentally sat in gum, thus trying to get him to look at her butt. However, Sierra ruins this by repeatedly telling her that there is no gum, obviously not getting the hint. Heather becomes jealous again when Alejandro hugs Courtney for warmth and she tries to counter this by hugging Duncan, but failed due to the fact he misses Gwen. She later stares in admiration at Alejandro after he removes his shirt during the challenge. Just before the elimination ceremony, Heather confronts Alejandro in the cargo hold, asking what his deal is with Courtney. He tells her that it's all strategy, and the only woman he could ever look at is her. He then holds her head lovingly, leaving Heather dazed and smiling. They gaze into each other's eyes for a moment before Chris' intercom announcement of the upcoming elimination ceremony interrupts them. Alejandro then makes a confessional explaining his "plans," accidentally revealing that he actually has feelings for Heather, so he nervously denies it.

Niagara Brawls


Alejandro carries Heather across the falls, as she smiles happily.

After Sierra tries to reject Alejandro for winning him as her "husband," Heather goes up to him and helps him off the ground, pairing herself with Alejandro. While Alejandro tries to give Heather directions to get to her wedding dress, Heather complains and eventually gets there. Once she does, she complains that he did not give her good directions. After Alejandro helps Courtney get to her wedding dress, Heather complains in the confessional that Alejandro is supposed to only have one bride, meaning herself. When Chris announces that Heather and Alejandro get a head start in the second challenge, Alejandro calls her "Mrs. Alejandro" while Heather calls him "Mr. Heather" in return. As they were about to cross the tight rope, Alejandro calls Heather his "better half" and scoops Heather into his arms bridal style, with Heather sighing and showing a satisfying smile. Halfway across the rope, Heather and Alejandro fight about who to vote off next, and she causes them to fall and lose the challenge, though Alejandro later reveals that he fell on purpose as a strategic move, not wanting to appear too strong a player.

Chinese Fake-Out

At the beginning of the episode, Heather and Alejandro are sitting together with Cody, debating over whether or

Alejandro flirts with Heather once more.

not Sierra and Cody actually are married. Heather claims they are married just about as much as he is to her, and Alejandro claims, yet again, that Heather is attracted to him, but says that marriage is "rushing things." Later on during the eating portion of the challenge, Heather tells on Alejandro, Blaineley, and Courtney for cheating during the game. Back on the plane, Duncan believes that Alejandro would vote for Heather for ratting him out, but Alejandro says that Heather only did that because she wants Blaineley out, so he'll vote for her. Finally, at the elimination ceremony, they are seen sitting together. When Blaineley begins to rant about each of the contestants, she tells Heather and Alejandro that they should "just give it up and make out already." They exchange surprised and confused glances before Heather angrily asks Chris to get rid of Blaineley.

African Lying Safari


Alejandro & Heather hugging in victory.

Throughout the episode, they have a running gag of speaking at the same time. At the start the episode, after Alejandro notices Duncan's sudden happiness, Duncan says, "Speaking of failed romance..." and starts teasing Alejandro and Heather, suggesting that he should go in the common area so that the two can start "building their nest together." In response, both Alejandro and Heather retort at him in the same tone and with the same words. Once Duncan sees this, he starts laughing, stating that "Blaineley was right! You two are so lame for each other," much to their shock and dismay. For the first part of the challenge, Heather and Alejandro manage to knock out Duncan with soccer balls and cheer at the same time, much to their annoyance. When it's Heather's turn to grab the African Plums, Alejandro is the first to kick a soccer ball at her, but he misses at first, leaving Heather to say, "I knew he wouldn't kick a ball at his crush," in a taunting manner, though the soccer ball manages to come back and hit her in the face. During the second part of the challenge, after Duncan fails to break his gourd at first, Chris comments at Heather's batting skills, calling her "Alejandro's girlfriend" which causes her to hit the plum backwards and onto Alejandro's head. After the plum hits his head, Chris grins, stating "Oh yeah, they're meant for each other" to which both of them retort at the same time, again. This causes Alejandro to point out that it was ridiculous that he and Heather were speaking at the same time. For the last part of the challenge, when the contestants must hunt down Ezekiel, Alejandro brings Heather and Duncan into a huddle, in which Alejandro manages to steal Heather's tranquilizing balls after she states she's going to do the challenge alone. Once Heather notices her tranquilizing balls are missing, she growls Alejandro's name before running away from a lion. During the song, Alejandro and Heather taunt each other. Shortly after the song, they form an alliance to kick everyone off the show, leaving them for the final two, though they speak at the same time again, much to Heather's annoyance. They planned Duncan's elimination and Heather is quite astonished at Alejandro's ruthlessness. Once the plan works, Heather and Alejandro hug each other, and then smile at each other warmly before realizing it.


Once in the elimination room, Chris grins at Alejandro and Heather while commenting, "tension-y." After Alejandro picks Cody to go into first-class with him, Heather complains about him breaking the "fake alliance" and growls that he's going down.

Rapa Phooey!


Blushing, Heather brings Alejandro to first class with her.

In the beginning of the episode, Alejandro plots against Heather by having Cody and himself vote her off the show. In Sierra's confessional, she calls Alejandro and Heather's attraction a "love fest" while adding that with just them in the final four, it feels like a "double date in a can." Once the plane lands on their next destination and manages to knock down a stone statue, Heather states that it's "not the only chiseled rock that's going down today" to which Alejandro takes it as a compliment, catching Heather's slip up before quickly covering it by saying "grizzled" and arrogant. During the first part of the challenge, when Sierra starts kissing up to Heather, in the confessional, Heather states "Alejandro's going down" if Sierra is willing to make an alliance to vote him off the show. Though afterwards, she puts on a miserable look, implying that she could regret it later on. As Sierra and Heather do the first part of the challenge together, Heather calls Cody a loser for "cozying" up to him while Sierra smartly replies "and if falling for Alejandro makes someone a loser." This makes Heather deny their attraction again, though Sierra gets her to relax as they plan to vote off Alejandro together. For the second part of the challenge, after Alejandro remarks at the female condor being "two Alejandros wide," Heather says in the confessional that one Alejandro is enough, though she says two wouldn't be bad if one of them was nice and would not try to defeat her all the time.

When Heather says "she likes her eyes" after Alejandro states condors can rip out human eyes, he says he likes them too, especially when they're "shooting daggers." She glares at him, and he adds "yes, like that." When the condor flies towards Heather during the song, Alejandro (along with the others) shield their eyes, implying that they don't want to see her get maimed by the condor, though after she victoriously remarks she'll be in the final three, he and the others glare at her. The condor attacks her again (because the baby bird goes back to Heather) and Alejandro watches with worry. After Heather leaves Sierra and Cody to fly in the economy class, Alejandro stands up, knowing that Heather picked him to fly with her. She blushes, and tells him not to "get any ideas" and that it's "strictly strategic," then Alejandro says that's what she always insists. Then it cuts to Sierra in the confessional, who says excitedly "Holy double date in a can," referring to her previous confessional about Heather and Alejandro.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

After Alejandro plots his next scheme, he is seen sitting next to Heather in first class as she wakes up. Once Alejandro thanks Heather for bringing him to first class with her, Heather tells him not to mistaken it for her liking him and claims that it is all simply strategic, although Alejandro gives her a doubtful hum. Half of the episode, Alejandro makes Sierra go after Heather because of a fake picture he made of Cody and Heather sleeping together. After Cody tells Heather she brought Alejandro to first class because she likes him, Heather claims that it was all strategic and states she does not like him questioning "Why does everyone keep saying that?". Once Sierra wins the first challenge, she uses the post-digger to attack Heather while Alejandro watches with a genuine look of fear and worry. During the second part of the challenge, Heather taunts Alejandro as he digs with his hands up to the point where he tells her to leave him alone, getting Heather to awkwardly leave and avoid his apparent rage.

Once Heather is stuck under a rock, she calls for help and Alejandro looks greatly concerned.

Alejandro and Heather singing in their duet, This Is How We Will End It.

Alejandro grins about Heather getting stuck and then Chris comes, stating that they must sing a song, This Is How We Will End It. After Alejandro helps Heather out of the ditch in his arms, he makes Heather promise her to never vote him off and gets her to finish the challenge together. He holds for her a while until she requests a second time to be put down and he puts his hand on her shoulder explaining the plan to her. In the confessional, Heather states that "Whoever asked her that she liked his hand on her shoulder will be wedged in a hole." Then Alejandro's confessional comes up as he goes on saying that his feelings did not get in the way, but it was all strategic, albeit sounding a little doubtful. After Sierra blows up the plane, Alejandro is seen covering Heather with his own body seemingly to protect her from any falling debris. Once everyone comforted Sierra, Heather runs off to burn the remaining votes because she regrets voting for Alejandro (she only did so after learning from Sierra that Alejandro plotted against her). But Alejandro sneaks over to the fire almost instantly after Heather leaves and manages to save the four passports before they completely burn. Upon seeing that Heather had voted for him, Alejandro declares, "You will regret this Heather... oh yes, you will regret this," in a vengeful and hurt tone.

Hawaiian Style

As Geoff and Bridgette review the final three, Bridgette states that other than her "heinous attitude" as one of her biggest weaknesses, Heather's other biggest weakness is Alejandro. Geoff agrees, along with adding that in order to win, she will "have to find a way to block him out."

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

You are the worst,

Alejandro and Heather dance on the train top, while trying to sabotage each other.

As Chris was doing the intro to the episode, he recaps how "Alejandro felt a tremor in his little black heart," showing that Alejandro's attraction towards Heather played into how he played the game. In the beginning of the episode, when Chris is still shocked about the plane blown to bits, Heather and Alejandro exchange worried stares as if they felt sympathy for Chris and his loss, although they were really wondering if they could have just moved on and returned to the game, which Alejandro eventually vocalizes, and Heather fully agrees to. After Sierra follows Cody to help look for scrap to get to Hawaii, Heather hints to Alejandro her interest, and willingness, to join him in an alliance, to which Alejandro only gives her a menacing glare before responding, "Why would I do that?" Heather claims that they agreed to become the final two, hinting back to their "fake alliance" in African Lying Safari. However, Alejandro keeps his glare at her and tells her that he "knows what she did." Trying to get off the topic, Heather claims that she's done a lot of things though her answer is clear when he shows her the burnt passport of her vote against him. Alejandro yells at Heather with wide eyes about her obviously broken promise, formed one episode prior in Awwwwww, Drumheller, while Heather only smiles innocently. Storming off, Alejandro bids Heather farewell, hoping she does not make it to the final two, to which Heather replies "Oh, like you wouldn't do the same!" In the confessional, Alejandro admits that "Heather has a way to make his focus slip, like a too small speedo" before he lists off the things about Heather that distracts him like "her clever words, or her distrustful eyes... or the way she tucks her hair behind those cute little earlobes...", but he catches his slip-up and slaps himself, telling himself to "focus."

I 'm gonna make it

Alejandro and Heather sing together in I'm Gonna Make It.

Storming out of the confessional, Alejandro keeps slapping and telling himself to "focus" which leads to yet another dispute between him and Heather over the walkie-talkies. After their angry exchange, Heather claims that without "Evil-jandro" distracting her, she will be able to focus on the game much more clearly. When Alejandro is in the luggage car of the train, he vows to find Heather and crush her like she crushed his heart. He finds her shortly after, and unleashes a feral Ezekiel (whom he discovered in the luggage car) on her. Soon after, however, Ezekiel vanishes and Heather and Alejandro start fighting each other. They end up on top of the train car and constantly try to push each other off the train.
Mexico alejandro heather land

Heather and Alejandro land on top of each other on Tijuana Beach in Mexico.

He manages to throw Heather off the car, but she grabs on and climbs underneath it. She jumps back on, and they fight again. Eventually, once they end up on opposite cars, Alejandro uses his belt to disconnect the coupling between the cars and sends Heather's car rolling off. As she rolls off, he says, "I think I'll miss your legs most of all," only for Heather to jump over and kick him with those same legs. In the song I'm Gonna Make It, Heather and Alejandro are dancing together, but saying that they hate each other. Alejandro brings up again how voting for him "wasn't right," and Heather orders him to stop trying to make her feel guilty, as he would have done the same. Later, Heather lands on top of Alejandro suggestively in Tijuana Beach.

Hawaiian Punch

Knowing that Alejandro is greatly hated by the contestants, Heather tricks Cody into losing to Alejandro, hoping Cody's supporters will move to her side and vote for her instead. However, it turns out the winner will not be crowned by votes. As Heather and Alejandro compete against each other in the final two, they taunt each other and hope the other one loses. During the song Versus, they insult each other many times. At a checkpoint of the challenge, Heather mockingly calls Alejandro "José," causing Alejandro to snap and inform her about his past with his unkind brother, coincidentally named José. Cody, one of Heather's helpers, notices this and uses it to Heather's advantage.


Heather and Alejandro finally share their first kiss together...

The final two then makes it to the top of the volcano where Heather arrives right after him, crying and claiming that she gives up. This distracts Alejandro right as he was about to throw his dummy into the lava. He turns to taunt Heather and urge her into admitting that she loves him, to which she accidentally confesses to, shocking several contestants.

...only for Heather to betray him a second later.

Alejandro then confesses his own feelings to Heather saying that flirting with her at first was strategic, but later fell for Heather and they share a slightly forced kiss, disgusting almost everyone around them. Heather is surprised by it at first, but enjoys it for a second. Immediately after this, Heather betrays him by kicking him in the groin, and slapping him away, causing him to slide all the way down the volcano on an ice cube. In Alejandro's ending, however, Heather accidentally threw Alejandro's dummy into the volcano and unintentionally gave him the win. In Heather's ending, Heather threw the correct dummy and she was declared the winner of the season. Either way, her actions indirectly led to Alejandro becoming crippled and charred, when he is run over by the fleeing cast and burned by the volcano's lava later on.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


Alejandro (still in his robotic body) holds Heather as the yacht approaches Camp Wawanakwa.

When the entire old cast appears on a yacht, Alejandro and Heather are at the bow together, with Alejandro (still in the Drama Machine) holding Heather in his arms. Heather noticeably has a annoyed look on her face as she looks at him, this indicates that Heather is oblivious to the robot's true identity.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains


Heather is not happy when she finds out that Alejandro is in the robot suit.

When Lindsay taunted Heather about missing Alejandro, she shoved her aside saying she was glad that "handsome jerk" wasn't back, not realizing that he was right there, still in the Drama Machine. When Alejandro was placed on the Villainous Vultures next to Heather, he tries to get close to her, but she rejects him immediately. He tries to talk to her while they and the rest of the contestants were walking down to the beach, but she still said no. After Alejandro was accidentally pushed down into the shark infested water by Lightning and Scott, Heather was happy that the robot would get eaten. However, Alejandro would finally break free of the Drama Machine by getting the key for the challenge, which causes Heather and the other contestants to be in shock.

Evil Dread


Heather talking to Alejandro in Evil Dread.

As Alejandro was getting a massage, Heather scolds him for hogging the masseuse, only for Alejandro to complain about his injuries and how Heather never bothered to text him back over the last year. Heather retaliates by saying that he never texted her first and gets distracted by Alejandro waxing his eyebrows. Alejandro calls eyebrow waxing as "man-scaping" and angrily replies that he couldn't text her back because was trapped in the robot suit for a year, causing Heather to rip off his eyebrow wax. During the confessional, Heather reveals that she thinks Alejandro is faking his injuries for sympathy and exclaims that she will not fall for "him." Realizing her slip up, she changes "him" to "it." In Alejandro's confessional, he confesses that he still has feelings for Heather, commenting on how radiant she is along with her "glassy locks, perma-frown, and the way her lip hair catches the sunlight." Throughout the challenge, Heather attempts to catch Alejandro faking his legs injuries. At one point, Heather seemed to notice that Alejandro's legs moved but she realized that they didn't, due to the fact that a crab came from up and under his legs. After watching the crab pinch Alejandro's foot, Heather mentions she feels "awful" for doubting his word about his legs falling asleep. However, in the confessional, Alejandro reveals that his legs have already recovered and that he pretended that they aren't in order to make Heather feel guilty.

Saving Private Leechball

Like Heather and Jo, Alejandro attempts to form an alliance with Heather's long time enemy, Gwen. He hopes by doing this, he will be the one that Heather needs, but he quickly corrects himself by saying Heather and Jo. Throughout the episode, Alejandro is often seen arguing with the two of them.

Food Fright


Heather tags Alejandro's designer boot.

Alejandro nominated Heather for the position of team captain which she accepted excitedly. He later offered to switch places with her after she complained about Sam's switch with Zoey. While Alejandro was competing, Heather threatened him with elimination if they lost, which the team seemingly did. At the elimination ceremony, both nominated the other for elimination, but were spared as Sam had cheated during the challenge meaning the Villainous Vultures were the real winners.

Moon Madness


Heather yells at Alejandro for whistling from his nose while eating.

At the beginning of the episode, the two of them are seen eating dinner at the hotel. Heather became irritated with Alejandro who kept on whistling while eating but Alejandro simply ignores her, calling her typical. In the confessional, Heather was surprised with Alejandro's comeback, believing that he is losing interest in her.

Alejandro saves Heather, only to find out she was pretending.

During the challenge, Heather pretended to be under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon, becoming a much nicer and more cheerful person, as opposed to her cruel self. Throughout the challenge, Alejandro was taken aback by Heather's sudden change of behavior. While crossing the bridge, Alejandro managed to catch her when she almost fell off. Immediately in the confessional, Heather reveals that she was only pretending to be affected by the Moon in order to play with Alejandro's mind. After the moon became normal, Heather "changes" back into her usual self, which relieves Alejandro.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Alliance between villains

Heather and Alejandro form an alliance.

After seeing Gwen and Cameron form a bond, Heather quickly asks Alejandro to form a temporary alliance with her. Alejandro complies by kissing her hand which disgusts her. Their subsequent confessionals however, revealed that they are trying to lower the other's guard so that they can vote for the other. During the challenge, Alejandro found an egg but Heather quickly stole it from him. Heather later convinces the other members to vote for Alejandro by lying that he is targeting either Scott or Cameron.

No one eggspects

Heather steals Alejandro's egg.

Heather eventually found the McLean-Brand Chris Head and hid it behind some rocks. Unbeknownst to her, Alejandro saw this and stole the idol. Their team lost the challenge and they voted for each other that night. Just as Heather planned, Alejandro receives the most votes and she celebrates his defeat. However, Alejandro reveals to her that not only his legs have already recovered, but also he has the idol, meaning he is immune, much to Heather's chagrin. Thus, Heather who has receives the second most vote, was eliminated instead. Right before she took the Flush of Shame, Alejandro admits that he betrayed her to "avenge the shame she caused him" two seasons ago, but then flirts with her, claiming that her "slate is clean" and offers to renew their relationship as an official couple. Heather however, quickly shoves him off the toilet in response.

Suckers Punched

Alejandro is pitted in the boxing match against his older brother, José. When his arrogant brother talks negatively about Heather, dubbing her personality "unattractive," Alejandro grows furious. This motivates him to beat up José to avenge Heather. As Alejandro delivers his final blow, he proclaims that it was for calling "any aspect of Heather unattractive." He wins the round for Villainous Vultures, and in his confessional, asks Heather to call him.

The Final Wreck-ening

In this episode, it is confirmed that Alejandro and Heather officially began a romantic relationship following their eliminations. They are each shot out of balloons by Mal, thus making them his helpers for the final challenge. They are considerably more interested in each other than their job throughout the episode. When they are first released from the balloons, Chris stresses that neither of them can win the million dollars. Neither Alejandro nor Heather mind the rules. It is then that Chris worriedly asks if they're dating. In the confessional, Alejandro and Heather elaborate that the money was getting in the way of their happiness. Their thoughts blend well, with both noting that they knew the other was going to say what they did. As they attempt to kiss, Chris knocks on the wall screaming that it's the "most disgusting thing that's ever happened in there." The couple and Mal are later seen trying to figure out how to cross the radioactive moat. Alejandro finds an incredibly strong stick and comes back just in time to prevent Mal from throwing Heather in. He suggests that they pole vault to get to the next level. However, after Mal does so, Alejandro and Heather both find themselves without a way to follow him. She annoyingly asks him how they are going to cross, to which Mal replies that they are here to help him, not the other way around. Alejandro remarks that he has "such big anger for such a little man," as they walk off-screen. They are later seen crossing the toxic river on a log boat. When they arrive on level three, Alejandro and Heather see Mike and Zoey kiss. He makes a romantic comment while holding her, and Chris grows irritated at the sudden love fest. Arguably out of spite, Heather and Alejandro begin to make out.

Chris gets disgusted and proclaims that this show is meant for pain, not "hugs and kissing." He then takes action and announces that anyone can win. At this, Alejandro and Heather nearly maul each other trying to reach the top level. They both suffer misfortune thanks to other competitors, but eventually, Mike and/or Zoey do come to the top as a winner is declared. Alejandro is seen holding Heather, while she has a rather indifferent look on her face. She later rants to him about being cheated out of the money again after the island sinks. He remarks in response that they still have each other, but her anger is not softened in the slightest. They are last seen being chased by Fang.


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