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This article focuses on the interactions between Alejandro and Chris.


Everyone else's nightmare

Chris calls Alejandro "a reality producers' dream, and everyone else's nightmare" in Newf Kids on the Rock.

Much like everyone else, Chris has been shown to appreciate Alejandro's good looks and strategic smarts, though he is no exception to Chris's mistreatment of contestants. Like most others, Alejandro hates Chris for his sadistic nature, however he is one of the few willing to get back at Chris at times. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, after Alejandro is tricked into signing up for a fake season, Chris allows him to participate in Total Drama's third season. This allows their conflict to blossom further. Throughout Total Drama World Tour, Chris actually shows a bit of respect towards Alejandro's many, many schemes, due to his plots making the game more interesting for the viewers. In the finale of the season, Alejandro is the victim of a lava accident in Hawaii, which causes him to be put in the Drama Machine by Chris and Chef Hatchet. It is revealed that he serves Chris while inside the robot until Heroes vs. Villains. Their interactions became minimal throughout the season.

Total Drama Action

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special


Alejandro rejects Chris's greeting when the contestants of Total Drama Dirtbags arrive.

When Alejandro makes his Total Drama debut, Chris gives him a friendly greeting. However, Alejandro blows him off and simply walks right by him, which seems to annoy him. While Alejandro's bus is being attacked by the Total Drama Cast's bus, Chris seems to support the Total Drama Cast over Alejandro. Later, when Chris announces that Total Drama Dirtbags, supposedly Alejandro's new show, is actually fake, Alejandro seems angered by this. However, Chris makes it up to him by allowing him to compete with the rest of the cast in the next season of his show.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Alejandro curses in the confessional, angry that Chris put him on a terrible team.

Alejandro seems annoyed with Chris when he refuses to let Alejandro join Lindsay and Bridgette on Team Victory and puts him on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot instead. Alejandro gets even more upset when he finds out that Tyler, Noah, and Owen are his teammates.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

After Izzy and Sierra swap teams, Alejandro protests about the team changes, but Chris ignores him and leaves.

Broadway, Baby!

Alejandro manipulates Sierra into thinking Chris misses the days before Total Drama. Thinking this is true, Sierra reveals the embarrassing aspects of Chris's career such as his canceled cooking show and his old boy band to the contestants and the audience, which irritates him. In a cut scene, Chris is tormenting the contestants as they climb, calling out that he's officially bored. Alejandro, the first one to reach the top, angrily calls him "pure evil". Chris simply smiles at this remark.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Amazon team chris needs owen

Chris makes Alejandro go back and look for Owen.

Chris refuses to let Alejandro's team pass to find the treasure until they have all their team members, which particularly annoys Alejandro due to the missing team member being Owen. Alejandro tells Chris that he never said that, and is angry that he makes up the rules as he goes along.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

An annoyed Chris says "Calm down, lover boy", when Alejandro admires Venus De Milo's beauty.

Newf Kids on the Rock

Chris calls Alejandro a "reality producer's dream, and everyone else's nightmare" when Alejandro's reveals he drew Egyptian symbols on fish to trick DJ into an alliance.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Just no aleloser

Chris denies Alejandro's request for another team switch.

Alejandro asks Chris if he can switch DJ onto his team, since he is the only remaining member of Team Victory. However Chris promptly refuses. When DJ reassures Alejandro that the teams would be merging soon, but Chris denies this. Alejandro is noticeably annoyed by this information, and becomes even more bitter at Chris. He later tells DJ  in the confessional that he has Chris to blame for his elimination.

Greece's Pieces

Chris lists the reasons why everyone deserves elimination, remarking that Alejandro lost his challenge by showing off, which lead into a tie-breaker. He makes a special mention to the fact Alejandro was trying to "out-man" Heather while wearing a ponytail. Alejandro demands to know what his hair has to do with anything, but Chris cuts him off and continues with the ceremony.

The EX-Files

During Chris's recounts of the last episode, Chris mocks Alejandro by saying he isn't as perfect as he seemed.

Niagara Brawls

Alejandro and the other contestants glare angrily at Chris or throwing them out of the plane and nearly plummeting over Niagara Falls.

Chinese Fake-Out


Chris reveals neither Alejandro nor Duncan won anything for coming first.

Alejandro is annoyed when Chris tells him there is no prize for coming first in the racing challenge. In the eating challenge, Alejandro is exposed for cheating by giving his food to Courtney. So Chris makes her wear a dragon mask, to prevent Alejandro from further cheating, and ends up losing the challenge.

African Lying Safari

Alejandro is annoyed by Chris's remarks that Alejandro and Heather are a couple.

Rapa Phooey!

Alejandro is angered when Chris is explaining the rules, saying that he just keeps adding them on.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Chris is angered that Alejandro and Heather only think of themselves, while he becomes despaired over his plane and other priceless items being destroyed in the explosion. Likewise, Alejandro is angered at Chris when he takes off in a helicopter, and leaves the contestants with nothing but a GPS. Alejandro manages to get a lead in the race, using his experience with Chris, and follows the dangerous animals the host loved to put into challenges. When Chris rings the bell for a song, and exclaims "Are you kidding me" in response. Alejandro is also annoyed that Chris prolongs ending the episode, as to not reveal whether Alejandro or Cody would be joining Heather as the finalist.

Hawaiian Punch

Star wars

Chris makes Alejandro sign a contract after his injuries.

For the tie-breaker challenge, Chris makes Alejandro and Cody wear coconut bras and sets their wooden platform on fire. After the volcano begins to erupt, Chris runs past Alejandro without warning him about the oncoming danger. In the post-credits, Alejandro is seen being put into the Drama Machine. He asks if the money is alright, to which Chris responds no. After Alejandro dramatically yells out in defeat, Chris starts to laugh and calls him a spaz.

Total Drama All-Stars

Food Fright

When Alejandro begins the obstacle course challenge, Chris praises him for his maneuvers and swift movements. Chris taunts Alejandro during the challenge and laughs at him when he had to swallow his own vomit (or else he will be eliminated from the challenge). In the confessional, Alejandro is mad at Chris and promise that he will pay. Chris overheard his confession and calls him "Al" in retaliation.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

During the challenge Alejandro asks Chris what would stop the other team from taking their eggs. Chris admits he never made a rule so, technically, they are allowed to. Later on, Chris commends Alejandro for having found the McLean-Brand Chris Head and eliminating Heather in his place.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Chris Al megaphone

Chris yells at Alejandro using a megaphone.

As Alejandro explains how he fared so well on Boney Island, Chris interjects and yells in Alejandro's face with a megaphone, to get him to stop self-promoting. Towards the end of the challenge, Chris and Chef laugh hysterically at Alejandro's futile attempts to start his engine back up and cross the finish line.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Chris joins Alejandro in the hot tub, much to Alejandro's dismay.

Since the destruction of his cottage at the hands of Duncan in the previous episode, Chris stays at the Spa Hotel with Alejandro (who won the previous challenge). Chris joins Alejandro at the hot tub after throwing his towel at him. Alejandro is disgusted with Chris and leaves.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

After Alejandro returns from Boney Island, Chris makes him do several push ups for being the last person to arrive. Alejandro protests that he was last one to arrive due returning from Boney Island, but Chris yells through a megaphone to be addressed as "Sir", to which Alejandro rolls his eyes. In the confessional, Alejandro says Chris is lucky he had bigger problems to deal with. When Alejandro says his last name is Burromuerto, Chris mockingly tells Alejandro to tell the viewers what his name means. Later on, Mal reveals Alejandro's last name means "Dead Donkey" in Spanish, to which Chris addresses him as "Alejandro Dead Donkey". Chris shows no concern for Alejandro when he is about to be flushed, and yawns while Alejandro gives his speech warning Zoey with hints about Mal.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

During the recap, Chris appears to respect Alejandro, as when he explained Alejandro hiding the DVD beyond the range of his cameras, he calls him a "handsome weasel". He also refers to him as "Ale-jerk-o" when he's flushed in the recap.

The Final Wreck-ening

Chris is not an Aleheather fan

Chris is irritated by Alejandro and Heather's constant kissing.

Chris ensures that the helpers, Alejandro and Heather in particular know that they are not eligible to win the million dollars. When Heather tells him that she and Alejandro are okay with the conditions, Chris worriedly and dramatically asks if they're dating. He pounds on the confessional as the couple tries to kiss, exclaiming that their flirting is the "most disgusting thing that's ever happened in there". During the challenge, as Chris grows irritated that the contestants are being affectionate, Alejandro and Heather glare at him for interrupting their moment. They then start to make out to further annoy him. When Chris then declares that the helpers can win as well, they begin wrestling to which Chris amusingly says that "this is much better".

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