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Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Villainous Vultures
Alejandro Burromuerto
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDWT: Hawaiian Punch
TDAS: The Obsta-Kill Kourse
Place TDWT: 1st/2nd
TDAS: 6th
Relationship Heather
Courtney (one-sided attraction, ended)

Leshawna (one-sided attraction, ended)
Bridgette (one-sided attraction, ended)

Family Father, Mother, Julio (uncle), Carlos, José (brothers)
Friends Heather, Lindsay, Tyler
Enemies Bridgette, Cameron, Chris, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Leshawna, Mal, Mike, Noah, Owen, Sam, Sierra, Zoey
Voiced by Marco Grazzini
Keith Oliver
Alex House

Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled The Arch Villain, was a contestant, the main antagonist, and one of the finalists of Total Drama World Tour. He was one of the three newcomers to the series, and was a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He returned as a robot, but later became a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures.


On the surface, Alejandro appears to be a polite, dashing, charming gentleman, but underneath he is dark and twisted. He is known to use his charm and exceptional persuasion to advance him further in the game. Other than Heather, he has eliminated the most contestants on the show, proving to be one of the show's most dangerous contestants. Alejandro was born in Spain, before moving to Latin America, and is very proud of Hispanic heritage. Alejandro frequently speaks his language on the show. An extremely well-developed talent of his is smooth talking himself in or out of a situation. He names his best quality his ability to "smell a person's weakness and exploit it in seconds." Alejandro himself gloats that he "went through a lot of nannies" because of this. He has been shown to possess a large quantity of skills ranging from hypnotism to speaking several languages, thanks to his highly successful family. Alejandro's older brother José is one of very few people who can compete with him. He has described him as being superior in everything, and is partially to blame for who he is today. Especially when dealing with Heather or using it to manipulate the girls, Alejandro has a romantic nature, and has learned many lessons on the subject from his relatives.

Alejandro takes pleasure in getting revenge on other contestants, such as in The Ex-Files, he hypnotizes Owen into singing and dancing for crying hysterically. This extends to Total Drama All-Stars as well, where although he insists that he still loves Heather, he is far from able to let go of a past humiliation and puts his focus into eliminating her. Eventually, they do forgive each other and begin an official relationship once both are eliminated, but when money calls, love gets left behind.

Total Drama Action

IMG 0527

Alejandro reveals that there was never actually a Total Drama Dirtbags.

Alejandro, along with Sierra, made his debut in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. In this episode, he is introduced as a contestant on Chris' new fake reality show, Total Drama Dirtbags. Right off the bat, he was shown to be very rude, as he pushed Cody down on the red carpet for no reason and walked right past Chris even after he gave him a friendly greeting. He was later shown giving the Gemmie award for "Best Reality Show." It took him a very long time to open the envelope revealing the winner of the award, which was "Golden Oldies in Their Undies". After the Gemmies, Alejandro is shown driving a bus to New York City with all of the other cast members of Total Drama Dirtbags on board. However, the entire Total Drama cast, and Sierra, in a bus driven by Courtney, intercepted them and eventually managed to sabotage the Dirtbag bus with the chocolate caramel candies Owen had smuggled on board. After Chris rescues the original cast, and goes to the film lot, Alejandro is shown giving Owen and the rest of the cast pancakes. Then, Chris reveals that there never really was a Total Drama Dirtbags, which seemed to anger him, but he made up for it by letting Alejandro join the cast in Total Drama World Tour. Alejandro then goes into the makeup confessional for the first time, and states, "Watch out, Total Drama nerds. The new guy is going all the way to the top."

Total Drama World Tour


Alejandro getting off the bus while being introduced by Chris.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Alejandro is shown to charm many contestants in the competition, including Bridgette, Izzy, Lindsay, Ezekiel, and Chef Hatchet. Tyler becomes increasingly jealous as Alejandro charms and flirts with Lindsay, during the tour of the plane. Alejandro thinks that Tyler is completely incompetent, due to the fact that he sees Tyler fail to accomplish something several times. He competes in the challenge by going over the pyramid with no problems at all, while Tyler struggles. Alejandro seems to be very athletic, which causes Tyler to be even more jealous. At first he was going alone, but later on he offered help to Lindsay and Bridgette, after seeing them having trouble on going up the pyramid, leaving Tyler on his own during the challenge. He carries Bridgette and Lindsay up the pyramid, and surfs down the pyramid with them. He ends up on the second team, later known as Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Alejandro was shown in the confessional to be very angry about the other members on his team, calling them "incompetent idiots" in Spanish. Heather was the first contestant to question his honesty; however, by the end of the third season, many others noticed his connivance and labeled him as a villain.


Right off the bat, Alejandro makes a good first impression on a few contestants.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Alejandro inspires his entire team with his strategic ability, with the exception of Sierra, who ends up switching teams anyway and not believing in him. In the confessional, Alejandro reveals that he has an IQ of a hundred sixty-three and has a degree in engineering. He flirts with the members of Team Amazon. Courtney says that she already has Duncan, but Alejandro says that he doesn't deserve her, and that it is a pity that she is in a relationship with a quitter. When getting to the second part of the challenge, he blows a kiss to Heather, which seems to have an effect on her, but it quickly goes away. Owen calls Alejandro "Al" after getting his name wrong twice, and the second time Alejandro shivers, and yet again shivers at the thought of being called Al in the confessional, although he passes it off as it being "chilly in here," not because of his dislike of the nickname. He is partly responsible for his team coming in second place, as he demanded Izzy to talk to Team Amazon's camel after the team couldn't get their camel in the boat. By the end of the episode in the confessional, Alejandro notes how nobody on the show knows a thing about him. He says that he intends to keep it that way, saying "Because compared to me, Heather's a saint!" Having watched his confessional, Chris then said that they finally had "a real contestant."


Alejandro charms his panda bear, Ting-Ting while they are in Japan.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Alejandro is seen at the very beginning of the episode, catching Leshawna's hand right before she falls off the plane, due to a hole in the plane's wall. Leshawna then becomes infatuated with Alejandro. Alejandro starts to up his game and begins a long act to drag each contestant down. Alejandro quickly takes up leadership of his team, even taking participation in the first challenge and winning it, due to charming and befriending his panda bear. Before the second challenge, Alejandro uses Harold's pride and knowledge of Japan to boost his confidence. Alejandro leads his team during the second challenge, but their commercial doesn't win. When Team Victory is put on the chopping block, Alejandro convinces Harold to do the honorable thing like a real samurai, stating that Leshawna loves men with honor. This results in Harold eliminating himself in place of DJ.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Alejandro tricks Bridgette into kissing him in the first challenge. She tries to tell him that she has a boyfriend, but she has an obvious crush on him. They go through half of the first challenge together. Before they leave for their separate teams, Alejandro offers Bridgette his shirt, claiming that his Latino blood prevents him from getting cold. He asks her to kiss him one more time, but when she is about to, he steps out of the way and her tongue sticks to a pole. He leaves her behind and his team eventually wins the challenge. Owen tries to give him a high-five at the end of the challenge, but he simply walks away rudely. At Team Victory's elimination ceremony, Alejandro's plan worked and Bridgette was voted off. Alejandro's cover was almost blown when Bridgette tried to tell her team about him being "evil." But Chris saved his reputation (most likely to keep the show interesting and the ratings up) by promptly pushing Bridgette off the plane before she could say anything else. Later, in the confessional, he admitted that he was using Bridgette and plotting to get her voted off, due to her being "expendable." He then says, "Some will prove to be more challenging than others. But one by one, they'll all go down."

Alejandro tries to win the girls' favors in Broadway, Baby! by bringing food to the loser section. Lindsay accepts, but Heather declines and tells Sierra to do the same. Alejandro realizes Heather has influence over Sierra, so he tells Sierra that Chris misses his glory days, which causes Sierra to reveal facts about him, which annoys Chris. He has no problems climbing the rope and hits Owen on the head when he was stuck on the fireman pole. He was the one to push the carriage during the challenge, and did not notice that Heather switched his team's carriage with a real baby carriage. His team was the last to arrive, but it was saved, since it was a reward challenge.


"One by one, they’ll all go down."

As of Slap Slap Revolution, Alejandro is apparently the self-proclaimed captain of his team, even though the other members don't seem to mind. Alejandro continues to show a strong dislike of Owen calling him Al instead of Alejandro. He also starts flirting with Leshawna in this episode, similar to how he played Bridgette. She falls for him instantly. When the team is preparing to start shoveling meat into the giant grinder, he quickly pulls Izzy out of the grinder when she starts fooling around and almost falls into the chute. Later, as they are sliding down the massive mountainside, he sits on the back of their "sled" and steers by using a long stick as a rudder. In the dancing challenge, Alejandro steps up to the plate, along with Owen and Noah, as the dancers for his team; as the team practices Noah scolds him for flirting with a member of the other team, but Alejandro reassures him that it's only part of his plan. In the second half of the dancing challenge, when they are suspended high above the ground, he manages to easily knock Cody off the platform and makes it to the final four.

Noah scolds Alejandro for flirting with Leshawna while they practice dancing for the challenge.

Next, he is up against Sierra. However, when he sees Heather get beaten up by Leshawna, to the point where she loses a tooth, he gives up, closing his eyes and spreading his arms out as a symbol of defeat, and lets Sierra knock him off so that he can be with Heather. However, when Noah asks him about his strange actions he attempts to cover up his surrender by saying that he was "distracted" by the fight between the two girls. Prior to the elimination ceremony, Heather confronts him in the cafeteria, asking what is up with his flirting with Leshawna. In response, he flirts with her, saying that her missing tooth brings out the anger in her. She storms off in fury. Later, when Leshawna is voted off by Lindsay and DJ, she manages to hold onto the doorway after Chris pushes her. Alejandro then appears from behind one of the giant tiki statues. Leshawna says, "You!" before Alejandro blows her a kiss, and subsequently pushes her off the plane.

Alejandro rescues Owen from his cocoon.

At the beginning of The Am-AH-Zon Race, Owen accidentally punches Alejandro in the eye when he wakes up and thus, he is forced to wear an eye-patch throughout the episode, earning the nickname "Pirate Pablo" from Heather. He along with the rest of his team take the left path in the amazon when the challenge begins and he is the first of Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot to make it across the river by zip-lining across it with his belt. That night after his team is attacked by giant caterpillars, they take turns at night to stand guard and during Alejandro's turn Owen gets kidnapped by the caterpillars and he does nothing to defend him. At daybreak Alejandro says there's no time to make a head-count and he Tyler, Izzy and Noah go ahead without realizing they'd left Owen behind. When Chris doesn't allow them to continue without Owen, Alejandro goes to fetch him and retrieves Owen from inside a giant silk cocoon the caterpillars had locked him in. He then tries to blame Izzy, Tyler and Noah for leaving him and says that he was the only one who wanted to look for him, making him his only friend, but Owen is not convinced. By the end of the episode his team ends up in second place again and he goes to see the elimination ceremony of Team Amazon and tries to "comfort" Heather by saying that if she gets eliminated sh makes the game a whole lot easier for him. In the end nobody gets eliminated and Heather promises to destroy Alejandro after she destroys her team.


Alejandro, Noah and Owen discuss how to get the last piece of their statue.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Alejandro helps Cody hide from Sierra (he even lets him share the confessional). He then argues with Heather when she says his team is much unorganized. During the challenge, he tells Izzy that they are going up against Chef in finding the statue pieces to get her to look for them. He then tells Noah to retrieve the last piece that is behind security lasers. While the teams are assembling the statues, Heather accuses Alejandro of mixing their statues' pieces, he does not help assemble the statue, but once Noah completes it, Alejandro notices that their statue (the armless Venus De Milo) has the David statue's arms. Alejandro is last seen laughing with Noah at Tyler during the Walk-Off challenge.


Alejandro sings Sea Shanty Mix.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Alejandro and his team attempt to form an alliance with DJ. After being pushed out of the plane, he taunts Heather by telling her that she should have asked for the alliance with DJ before giving him the cushion. When he reaches the boat with his team, he tells Izzy to get Owen out of the water by using the net. After Izzy caught a lobster, Alejandro tells Owen not to eat it. Then Alejandro starts off Sea Shanty Mix. When his team reaches shore, he asks about the reward. When Chris reveals it was Heather shucking clams, he taunts Heather yet again. In the second part of the challenge, he deciphers Jerd's second phrase correctly. After DJ sees the Egyptian markings on the cod, he convinces him to kiss it. Before DJ kisses the cod, he also convinces Tyler to kiss the cod by telling him to imagine it is Lindsay. His team and Team Victory win the challenge. While eating the clam chowder, he discovers Owen's socks in it, which were put in there by Heather. In the confessional, he is seen brushing his teeth while ranting in Spanish. He then reveals that he drew the Egyptian symbol on the fish to manipulate DJ.


Alejandro saves Gwen to get the treasure chains during the first challenge.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Alejandro is first seen relaxing in the First Class compartment. He notices that DJ has fallen for his trick to make him feel like his curse is lifted. In the confessional, he brags about how well his idea to paint the Egyptian symbol on the fish worked out. During the diving challenge, he taunts Heather by saying "You have nice form!" to get her to fall into the water instead of dive, which worked much to his amusement. He later dives in to save Gwen. During the bobsled challenge, Alejandro is paired with Tyler, and tells him to trust his instincts. In the final round, he reveals to DJ that he is still cursed, in order to end his continual success in the challenge. Alejandro also made one of the tracks crooked so when DJ went, his bobsled flew off the track and he lost the challenge. Alejandro brags once again about his success in the confessional. He then tells Tyler to put his headband over his eyes for the round, where he breaks the track behind him so DJ will crash.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, a clip of Alejandro shirtless and with his hair in a ponytail on a beach is shown, as a way to get the viewers to donate more money. A picture of him hanging by strings is shown in Sisters, which Leshawna cuts to make the picture fall.


Alejandro is captured by the mysterious figure in I See London....

In I See London..., Alejandro is shown lying down on a bench in the economy class section. Alejandro, annoyed by his insane teammates, excuses himself and leaves the economy class section. In the confessional, Alejandro sighs and asks how many more episodes remain. Alejandro then enters the first-class compartment, where he sees Chef and Chris talking with a person that looks like Jack the Ripper. Alejandro accidentally makes the door move and quickly hides after Chris asks Chef if he heard something. However, when he turns around, he sees the mysterious figure and screams, before the camera fades to black. At the end of the challenge, Alejandro is revealed to have heard Noah talking about his distrust in him, and recollects Noah's comparison of him to a slippery eel. Alejandro is supposedly responsible for his elimination, as he is seen smirking when Noah tells Owen to watch out for "eels."

Greece alejandro failed

Alejandro loses the challenge to Heather.

In Greece's Pieces, Alejandro is seen to have become good friends with Tyler after spending time with him stuck on the plane in the previous episode, much to Owen's worry. When he notices tension between Tyler and Duncan, he states he must find out what it is and use it to his advantage. When Chris is announcing the challenge, Alejandro agrees with Courtney, pointing out that the Olympics were born in Greece, as opposed to Rome, Italy. When he notices tension between Duncan and Gwen, he initially believes that Tyler and Gwen are secretly dating, but quickly abandons that idea. Suspicious of Duncan and Gwen, he spies on them while they sing Greek Mix, and learns that Tyler saw the two of them kiss. In the final round, Alejandro competes against Heather in a hurdles race and, although he proves to be very flexible, loses, forcing a tie-breaker. Fearing that the challenge will be too close for comfort, he pressures Tyler into telling everyone about Gwen and Duncan's kiss, which causes a brief delay, allowing Tyler to get a head start on the tie breaker. Despite the head start, Team Amazon wins yet again, sending Alejandro and the rest of his team to the elimination ceremony. Despite this, nobody from his team is eliminated, with Chris choosing to ignore the vote and eliminate an intern.

In The EX-Files, Alejandro, like everybody else, witnesses Courtney breaking up with Duncan in the public dining area. Unlike most of the contestants, he does not appear to be affected by the fight, looking bored throughout. Being aware of Courtney's temperament, he manipulates her into getting back at Duncan and Gwen by flirting with Tyler. While the jet was being attacked by the aliens, Alejandro reveals he hypnotized Owen to snap out of his flying fear, winning a bet with Duncan, stating in the confessional that he learned how to do it from his Uncle Julio and that he gave Owen another trigger. During the challenge, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot follows Duncan's plan of trespassing the laser area by throwing rocks. While him and Tyler succeed (although Tyler hits a cactus), Owen gets a blast and gets into the other side where he's captured by the security system. While Tyler climbs over the electric gate, Duncan and he get through the open door. Alejandro goes with Tyler to look for an artifact, encountering two aliens and being attacked by them. When Duncan arrives, he accepted to not vote Duncan off in exchange of his help with the alien. After releasing Owen from the machine, Alejandro gets annoyed by his over-reaction and activates Owen's hypnosis by saying "Revenge," which causes Owen to give himself a mega-wedgie over his head and sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (for Duncan's total amusement). Before arriving to Chris with the alien, Tyler gets caught by one of the mines, killing the alien and their winning chances in the process. Alejandro looks the angriest out of them. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler gets the Drop of Shame, due to him failing the challenge and Alejandro voting him off after promising not to vote for Duncan. Him and Duncan smile when Courtney swears revenge at Duncan and Gwen, while Owen starts dancing again.


Alejandro and Duncan watch Owen enact Alejandro's revenge on himself.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Owen tells Duncan about Alejandro scoring on Bridgette and Leshawna, to which Alejandro quickly defends like he didn't mean to involve them, yet Duncan is nonetheless impressed. They both plan to get rid of Courtney by messing with her. Alejandro starts flirting with Courtney, while Duncan pretends to be affected by this, but Gwen starts to believe it. During the challenge, Alejandro has no problem in controlling his emu. He also helps Courtney and flirts even more with her, making Heather suspicious at him again. It's when Heather starts to flirt with Duncan, that Alejandro starts to feel insecure about Heather's tactic. While he's getting closer to Courtney, she agrees into letting the other team win, surprising Alejandro greatly. Eventually Alejandro and Duncan manage to find the sheep with the team's logo and win the challenge, although not with the results Duncan expected.

In Sweden Sour, Alejandro is first seen flirting with Courtney. He gets cookies from first class and gives one to her. Heather was jealous and tried to get him to look at her butt by saying that there is gum on it, but he still pays attention to Courtney. During the boat, building challenge he calls Owen a "stupid genius" when he inadvertently discovers that they were supposed to be building a boat. When he tells Owen not to say what they are building, but that is when Owen actually discovers it and blurts it out. He then sings in We Built Gwen's Face. He nominates Owen for the captain, but regrets it quickly. Heather confronts him about flirting with Courtney and he says Heather is the only girl he wants to look at. He then holds her head and it appears as if they are about to kiss, but Chris interrupts them. He is last seen telling Heather to vote Courtney off.

In Niagara Brawls, Alejandro's main goal is to eliminate Owen. For the wedding challenge, Sierra is partnered with him at first, but goes insane because she wants Cody. Heather then accepts him as her partner, prompting jealously from Blaineley and Courtney. Throughout the episode, he persuades Heather, Duncan, and Sierra to vote Owen off and in the end, he succeeds.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Alejandro is first seen trying to explain to Heather why he is helping Sierra. During the first challenge, in an attempt to get on Duncan's good side, he lets him use the bike. He uses the skateboard instead. He qualifies for the next challenge, which is an eating contest. It is revealed that he has a weak stomach, so Courtney, who did not qualify, secretly eats his food for him. Heather realizes this, and she has Chris put a stop to it, causing Alejandro to vomit. At the elimination ceremony, just before Blaineley jumps off the plane, she reveals a few secrets. She tells Heather and Alejandro to "give it up and make out already."

AFS - Alejandro

Alejandro smiling after "completing" the gourd-breaking challenge.

In African Lying Safari, he spends much of the episode trying to deny his attraction to Heather, despite talking in unison with her several times. He does well in the soccer portion of the first challenge, but is not as skilled at breaking open his gourd. He manages to steal Heather's tranquilizer balls when she decides to go off on her own, and aligns himself with Duncan to catch Ezekiel. Duncan and Alejandro end up sinking in quicksand, but get pulled out by Ezekiel. During the song, he mostly mocks Heather for her attempt to work alone. He comes up with a plan to distract Duncan, something more devious than even Heather would do. The plan works, though, and he captures Ezekiel, sacrificing Duncan in the process. He hugs Heather briefly, before turning awkward in front of Chris. For winning the challenge, he invites Cody up to first class, in an attempt to break the alliance between Cody and Sierra.

Alejandro discovers that he would have been eliminated.

In Rapa Phooey!, Alejandro gives Cody a cart filled with sugar and sweets in order to gain his loyalty, which works. During the first part of the challenge, Cody helps Alejandro in return, by offering to carry their eggs together in his basket. In the cave, their eggs are crushed, so they have to venture all the way back outside to find more. In the end, Alejandro loses the condor nest challenge to Heather.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Alejandro builds a model dinosaur out of authentic dinosaur bones called, the "Allosaurus." He had the least votes for his dinosaur, so he had to dig for oil barrels with his hands. He becomes frustrated with Heather when she makes fun of his misfortune, and even yells at her, which causes her to back away. After Heather got caught under a rock, he had to decide whether to help her out or not. After singing This Is How We Will End It, Alejandro helps Heather out and makes her promise not to vote him off. At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro was supposed to get eliminated, but since Sierra blew up the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Chris eliminated her instead of Alejandro. After seeing Heather run to throw the passports in the fire, Alejandro picked them up and saw that Heather did vote for him, and will make sure Heather pays for it.

Ale-Heath horse

Alejandro and Heather racing each other while on horses.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, he states that Heather makes him lose focus which causes him to start talking about Heather's ears and hair. He then slaps himself in order to focus and is later seen slapping himself over and over again. When he manages to sneak aboard a train, he finds Ezekiel in a crate alongside most of the other animals of Total Drama. He forges a temporary alliance with the now-feral Ezekiel and lets him out, bringing him aboard the train with him. When he realizes that Heather is on the same train, he lets Ezekiel attack her. During the song I'm Gonna Make It, after Ezekiel suddenly vanishes, he resorts to fighting Heather himself and is eventually pushed off the train, falling behind everyone else. While he is racing against Cody and Sierra towards Hawaii, he briefly fights Cody with a swordfish. He is about to be eliminated when his boat is launched into the air, crashing into Cody's which allows him to have a tie-breaker for a position in the final two.

HP - Alejandro, Chris, and Heather

Chris explains the final challenge to Alejandro and Heather.

In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro has to fight Cody in a tie-breaker. Heather, fearing that she wouldn't be able to beat Cody if it came down to a vote, distracts him long enough for Alejandro to defeat him and launch him into a shark-infested lake, which causes the peanut gallery to dislike Alejandro even more. He is extremely glad that the peanut gallery will not be voting for the winner, and is happy that there will be a challenge instead. He chooses Courtney and Tyler to assist him for the final challenge, but since

Alejandro finally snaps about his brother, José.

Tyler was knocked out, he picks Lindsay instead. He keeps a lead against Heather throughout most of the final challenge, having less difficulty going through the obstacle course than she does. In the end, he is sure he is about to win and confronts Heather when she arrives. He admits his attraction towards Heather and they kiss, only to have Heather knee him in the groin and push him down the volcano on an ice cube.
HP - AlternateEndingAlejandroDeservesIt

Alejandro asks for "what he deserves."

However, in Alejandro's ending, Heather accidentally throws Alejandro's pineapple dummy into the volcano instead of hers. Chris shouts down to Alejandro, who is at the bottom of the volcano, that he should come back up to the top. Alejandro, realizing he has won Total Drama World Tour, runs up the cliff confidently and demands to "get what's coming to him." However, the volcano erupts and Chris, along with the rest of the other contestants, begin to run down the cliff. As they make their way down, everyone except Chris and Heather tramples Alejandro, who is then left for dead and covered in molten lava. As Chris signs off the episode, a severely burned Alejandro is shown.

In Heather's ending, Heather throws her own dummy into the volcano, thereby winning Total Drama World Tour. After the volcano erupts, and everyone except Chris and Heather runs over Alejandro. The ending then follows the same format as it did in Alejandro's ending.

In a scene from both endings following the ending credits, Chris and Chef rebuild Alejandro as a cyborg (parodying a Star Wars scene) by placing him in The Drama Machine from Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. Chris then asks him to sign a release form until he can get the proper treatment. He asks if the million dollars is safe, to which Chris informs him it was destroyed by the lava. Alejandro reacts to this by yelling "Nooooooooooo," and Chris chuckles, before calling him a "spaz."

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Alejandro, still in the Drama Machine, holding Heather.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Alejandro appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is still in the Drama Machine and is standing at the bow of the yacht holding Heather in his arms, while she stares at him annoyed.

Total Drama All-Stars

HvsV 6

Alejandro is finally recovered after being in the Drama Machine for over a year.

Alejandro is initially introduced in Heroes vs. Villains, still inside the Drama Machine.  He is added to the Villainous Vultures after Jo complains of the lack of a seventh team member to Chris. While still in his robot guise, he attempts to get close to Heather, who keeps telling him to back off. During the challenge, Alejandro was accidentally pushed off the cliff by Lightning and fell into the lake where he was attacked by the sharks. The Drama Machine ultimately sustain too much damage and explodes, freeing Alejandro. His unexpected appearance surprises the rest of the all-stars (especially Heather). In the confessional, Alejandro states he has spent the year since Total Drama World Tour healing inside the Drama Machine, although his legs are not functioning. Still, he manages to win for the Villainous Vultures, getting the key that unlocks the spa house, and helping his team avoid elimination.

In Evil Dread, Alejandro is often seen arguing with Heather for what she did to him two seasons ago. Although his legs have already recovered, he pretends to be still injured in order to make Heather guilty for what she did. Throughout the episode, he is often seen walking on his hands. During the challenge, he manage to charm a frustrated Gwen by saying that she is "as wise as her skin is translucent." His team lost the challenge and they voted off Lightning for his stupidity and arrogance.

In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro sweet talks with Gwen, hoping he can get Gwen (and Duncan) into an alliance with him before Heather and Jo does, so that way he'll be the one that Heather needs. He is often seen approving Gwen's idea with the other two. When Gwen suggest they split up, Alejandro starts arguing with Heather and Jo. He was ultimately shot by Zoey, becoming the first person to be eliminated from the challenge. His team lost again and they voted off Jo for shooting Scott on accident.

Food Fright Alejandro

Alejandro in the salad spinner.

In Food Fright, Alejandro is the first member of his team to compete in the challenge and manages to complete it without puking. After taunting the Hamsters, Sam challenges Alejandro and tags in for Zoey while Alejandro does the same with Heather. Sam finishes his pancake first, but after overhearing Heather say that she thinks Alejandro couldn't do it, he gains the strength to finish. He further insults Sam as they are crossing the rolling pins, causing Sam to gain a sudden adrenaline rush. The two are neck and neck through the obstacle course, ultimately ending in them being tied at the salad spinner. Alejandro manages to hold onto Sam, but let go when a bee stung his "sexy cheek." Despite their apparent lost, it was revealed that Sam didn't finish his team's pancakes, meaning that the Vultures are the winner of the challenge, sparing Alejandro from being eliminated.

In Moon Madness, Alejandro and Heather get in an argument which started when Alejandro was whistling through his nose and Heather was disgusted by it. Alejandro ended the argument by saying typical. During the challenge, Alejandro was confused by Heather's sudden change in behavior caused by the Blue Harvest Moon. While crossing the rope bridge, he manage to catch Heather, who then reveals that she was only pretending to be nice in order to mess with him. After the moon returns to normal, Heather "becomes" her usual self again, much to Alejandro's pleasure. Despite his team winning the challenge, no one is getting eliminated that night and Cameron was transferred to his team. Alejandro, along with the rest of his team (except Gwen), gives Cameron a menacing glare as he tries to greet his new team. 

What has Chris been doing

Alejandro gazes wide-eyed at the Larry baby with Chris's head.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Alejandro and Heather formed a temporary alliance, but in reality, they were trying to get one another eliminated. While Heather was telling the other Vultures to vote for Alejandro, he found the McLean-Brand Chris Head invincibility statue that Heather tried to hide. When Heather came back to get the statue, Alejandro had already taken it, which caused Heather to accuse Chris of taking the statue due to him having cameras everywhere. During the elimination ceremony, Alejandro receives the most votes that night, but he stands up (revealing his legs were fine the whole time) and shows the invincibility statue. Since he is immune, Heather, who receives the second-most votes, is eliminated. Alejandro then taunts her before she took the Flush of Shame, finally able to get his revenge for what she did to him two seasons ago, but is simply pushed off the toilet by Heather.


Alejandro beats his brother Jose.

In Suckers Punched, as a reslut of his actions against Heather in the previous episode, his team begin to disdain him. Alejandro is the second contestant to spin the Wheel of Misfortune and to face his brother, José. After José mocks Heather, Alejandro starts to attack his brother violently and score a point for his team. In the confessional, Alejandro tells Heather that he knows that she is watching and beckons her to call him. In the end his team wins. At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro consults with his team on who they should eliminate, agreeing for Sierra. But then the Heroic Hamsters choose to send him to exile since they see him as a major threat.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Alejandro is shown to have charmed all of the animals out of hurting him on Boney Island and returns unscathed. He is able to get a good boat in the challenge, though the engine dies out just before the finish. However, he walks to the tip of the boat and touches the buoy with his nose to come in first place in the challenge and wins invincibility and a night in the spa hotel with a contestant of his choice. He chooses no one to avoid "picking favorites" but forms an alliance with Mal after the latter asks.

At the beginning of Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Alejandro is seen enjoying the Spa Hotel's hot tub but leaves after Chris skinny dips in it. He return to the hotel and stumble across Chris' monitor room where he found a DVD called "Mal's Greatest Hits." Through the footage, Alejandro found out that Mike is not who he really is and also tried to framed him for rigging the votes in the previous episode to get Cameron eliminated. Alejandro races to the cabin and removes the evidence from under his pillow, placing them on Mike's bed instead. He then rushes back to the hotel and watches as Mal's plans go to ruin. The next day, while the contestants start to form groups in order to search for Chris in Ezekiel's lair, Alejandro prefers to go alone so he can claim the rewards all for himself. He soon comes across an entrance at a small stream, but his foot gets stuck in the rocks. Eventually, he pulls out his foot from his stuck boot and enters the cave. Inside, Alejandro finds Cameron in a hole and offers to pull him up. But when Cameron refuses because he only trusts Zoey and Mike, leaves Cameron to his fate. Suddenly, Alejandro is captured by Ezekiel and is locked up with the other trapped contestants. After Mike is captured, Alejandro admits of leaving Cameron when he last saw him. However, he noted that Mike accuses him for leaving Cameron hanging even though he never said "hanging," making him suspicious about Mike. Eventually, he and the others are freed after Gwen defeats Ezekiel. At the bonfire, Alejandro is sent to Boney Island by Gwen, and he laments about losing his boot and going to exile in one day.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Alejandro comes back from Boney Island in order to tell the other contestants about Mike's true identity. However, Mal has tricked the other contestants into not trusting him during his absence by accusing Alejandro for doing all the actions that he done in the previous episode. Knowing that Mal is too dangerous and must be defeated, Alejandro tried his best to make sure that he win the challenge. At the final part of the challenge however, Mal manage to grab Alejandro as he is zip-lining, causing them to fell into the water. As a result, Alejandro is voted off by everyone else but as he is being flushed, he managed to warn Zoey about Mal, though he didn't get the words out in time.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, it was revealed that Alejandro hid the DVD Footage of Mal in a portrait of Chris smiling which Zoey finds behind it which Zoey takes to the Camera room to watch and watches in horror what Mal did to Cameron, Duncan and several others.


Alejandro and Heather, who are now officially dating, make out in The Final Wreck-ening.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Alejandro and Heather were picked by Mal to help him in the final challenge. It was revealed that after their eliminations, Heather and Alejandro had made amends and started dating, scaring Chris. For most of the episode, they spend most of the time making out instead of actually helping Mal to win the challenge. Fed up with all the love and kissing from the contestants, Chris ultimately announce that anyone can win the million dollars. Upon hearing this, Alejandro and Heather started fighting again. Suddenly, Mike (who had successfully defeated Mal) gave him one of Fang's teeth, causing the mutant shark to attack him in a similar fashion to Scott in the previous season. After the island was destroyed, Alejandro and Heather begin to swim for their lives as Fang continue to chase them.


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  • Alejandro is one of the few contestants to escape two eliminations.
  • Alejandro is currently one of only two contestants in Total Drama history to place second in the United States but not in Canada, with the other being Cameron.
  • Alejandro is the second contestant with more than one voice actor.
  • Not counting endings outside of Canada, Alejandro is the only winner of the first three seasons that has not beaten all of the other contestants who competed in the first three seasons, as he technically did not beat the seven contestants who did not even compete in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Alejandro's last name is Burromuerto, as revealed in Slap Slap Revolution. "Burromuerto" means "dead donkey" in Spanish.
  • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Alejandro reveals that he has an IQ of 163.
  • Alejandro noticeably shares many similarities with Scott, such as:
    • Both competed in two seasons.
    • Both were the main antagonists of the first season they competed in.
    • Both were injured so badly in their debut season that they need to be put into robot suits to recover.
    • Both were placed on the Villainous Vultures in their second season.
    • Both were the only contestants to both find and use the McLean-Brand Chris Head Invincibility Statue.
    • Both have had romantic interactions with Courtney.
    • Both were the only two contestants to be exiled twice in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Alejandro can speak three different languages; English, Spanish, and Japanese.
    • This makes him one of the five contestants who are known to speak multiple languages; the others being Ezekiel, Harold, Noah, and Sky.
  • Alejandro is the first person to reveal their ethnicity on the show.
  • Alejandro has started off the most amount of songs in Total Drama World Tour, seven to be exact.
  • Alejandro is responsible for the second-highest amount of eliminations of any contestant so far (behind Heather), having a part either directly or indirectly in thirteen eliminations.
  • Alejandro is one out of nine characters and seven contestants to be bald on the show at one point. The others are Sierra, Heather, Ezekiel, Chris, Chef, Dakota, Staci, and Dave.
  • Alejandro is one out of six contestants to have attended another team's elimination ceremony without being forced, with the others being Duncan, Tyler, Gwen, Courtney, and Shawn.
  • Alejandro, B, Duncan, and Lightning are the only male contestants with piercings.
  • Alejandro has been given more mocking nicknames than any other contestant.
  • Alejandro, Brick, Duncan, Justin, Owen, Izzy, and most of Mike's personalities are the only contestants to have a theme music dedicated to them. For Alejandro it is traditional Spanish music which resembles the theme from The Mask of Zorro, which played when Alejandro was released from the Drama Machine in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • As revealed in Rapa Phooey!, Alejandro is six feet tall. He is currently the only contestant to have his height revealed.
  • Alejandro is one of the two contestants confirmed to be Hispanic by Todd Kauffman; the other is Courtney.
  • Alejandro is the first contestant to have the word "Villain" in their label, the second being Max, who is labeled "The Super Villain".
    • However, unlike Max, Alejandro actually was the main antagonist in his debut season.
  • Alejandro was the first antagonist to reach the final two in their debut season.
  • The only girls who weren't attracted to Alejandro from the original cast were Sierra, Beth, and Eva.
  • He is the first contestant to be exiled to Boney Island after the merge in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Alejandro is one of seventeen contestants who has competed on only two seasons so far. The others are Justin, Trent, Sierra, Geoff, Beth, Ezekiel, Cody, Tyler, Cameron, Lightning, Scott, Jo, Sam, Noah, Mike, and Zoey.
  • Alejandro is the third contestant to compete in a season he did not originally qualify for, the others being Courtney and Blaineley.


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